Wednesday, January 22, 2003

It is a rainy day this morning. Everything seemed so blue suddenly. Don't frame me, I am not having PMS Okay? It is just that I find myself stranded in choices of career again. I am going to have an interview this Saturday, and most probably I will get the job (Damn confident). That is provided they are giving me the $$ that I am asking for. Then I had a cold war with my friend, he thinks I am switching job because I want to runaway from the current problem in my job.
So I think, maybe that is correct, as my boss just barked at me this morning again. Unconstructive yet misleading comments that I feel more and more tire as I listen them everytime. :o(

Friday, January 17, 2003

What to blog? what to blog?

The mind is blocked, the mind is blocked.

Take a walk, feel the morning fog (fog? that's smog),

Back to work, but still nothing to post

Brilliant eh.... kekeke

Thursday, January 16, 2003

Yawn... finally managed to re-vamp the page, uptil to a certain standard that I am satisfy.

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Sniff, felt a little blue since Sunday Morning. Wonder why would he want to tell me such hard cold truth. Is that a way to test my patience, or to test my limit? Why would he hurt me, when he asked to be given a chance again?

I miss him dearly though. :o(

Tuesday, January 07, 2003

ARG! There is a cockroach walking around at my working desk just now. I lifted up one pile of paper found it wriggling its pair of tenticles, as if saying hello to me. Had my colleague to chase it away with newspaper. Then saw it walking next to me few minutes later again. So I had to chase it away myself... think it found a new home under another pile of papers underneath my desk now.

1 hour later...
It decided to take fresh air on the floor again, I saw it and screamed so loud. So my colleague (hero of the day), step on the Siew Keong at the right timing! Viola, end of a pitiful life of this bug... RIP
Was suppose to meet him tonite, after 1 and half month. Unfortunately he has many to do at work having just return from a long leave. Hope I can see him soon, it is easier to talk things out face to face, I guess.
My boss seem to be extra-annoying today. He is talking about his marketing plan for year 2003 which me thinks will never turn into reality because he cannot give precise directional order. It is the third time he asked about a customer problem, that he said he will attend to himself previously. Everytime when he start going beserk like this, just make me wanting to switch job more. But when he forgotten about this, I as well forgotten the fact I want to switch job. :�

Sunday, January 05, 2003

He just came back from Mauritius, and SMS me today. Am thinking of him from time to time. He says he would like to try again, but I am not so sure if I can't take another heartbreak.
Yawn... still struggling to produce the best template I want... seems to take forever