Saturday, January 26, 2008

Life on fast lane

At blink of eye, it is already approaching February. Looking back at month of January, I realized I still have not finish a lot of things and there are even more coming before CNY.

It seems just days ago I came back from Korea at end of December. Just got my bonus, and already quite a large part been deducted from it for this trip. Company is merely sponsoring RM2000 for the trip, thus we all have to fork out RM1400 something to top it up. I guess it wasn't so bad, considering we all had a lot of fun while we were there for the whole 5 days 4 nights.

Anyway, still don't have the inspiration to blog yet. Perhaps I should since that I would be going to Hangzhou, Suzhou and Shanghai soon. Gosh, I am trill to think about the possibility to the complex canal in Suzhou and WuZhen. Though I might end up being coaxed into buying low quality made-in-chine souvenirs, but the thought of being in the metropolitan of Song Dynasty really brings a lot of romanticism feel all over me. Heh...

Trips will need $$ and that really bring the thoughts back to where am I gonna get $$ for all these short term enjoyment. Although my bonus really ain't bad this year, but there were all these prior commitments that I have promised upon myself. It is just another blink of eyes, and there aren't that much to play around after all. I am pretty sure that the Internal Revenue Board is going to be happier knowing that I start to contribute to our country a lil more serious this year. Gosh, I just hate that thought... especially seeing how our $$ are being spent ridiculously on all kinds of projects. Sigh...

Enough of rambling about, I guess I will just go play some reflexive game -- Farm Frenzy to make all these silly thoughts go away. Call it running away from reality, but I am gonna spent some time on this for the whole evening.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

How Did I Celebrated The Arrival of 2008

While everyone was all up around the Bukit Bintang Area, hmmm... KLCC, Putrajaya (?), Mark and I decided that it is best to stay away from these areas as we would like a rather quiet but enjoyable night out.

At first, we thought just to massage away the tiredness by going to a real real Thai Massage at South City Plaza. But as we were about to finish, the girls suddenly fled away without even saying goodbyes. To our surprise, the massage place was being raided by police. The policemen detained us back by taking our IC with them for inspection purpose.

I find the whole episode rather ridiculous, as it is the first time having my identity card being inspected on like some suspicious-looking customer that come to look for sex as if. Coupled to the fact that we were being treated disrespectfully during the whole process. I was lucky to have my clothes on when one of the policemen just flip over the curtain to see what's goin on inside.

So much for the police raiding. Mark swears that he is definitely not going to that shop again, and I totally agree to that.

We then feel hungry and quickly drove to Asia Cafe for a quick bite. Even at the Asia Cafe, the cafe operators were busy blowing horns awaiting the arrival of a whole new year. What an interesting place to be at! There were people came distributing confetti gift set, then later on followed by ice cream. I really enjoyed the new year eve mood there, and perhaps forgetting the whole police episode as well. Too bad there wasn't this one person shouting to count down with the customer. Haha!!!