Thursday, April 14, 2005

Authentic American Treat - Flamin' J

Come to think about it, there isn't really any food that is specialized from America, except the burger, fries and soda. But think again, not just anyone that can do a good burger, a sandwich, and fry the potatoes correctly.

So last night, Mark and I decided that we should go rounding a little around Taipan area to find out what's good for dinner there. After rounding a little we discover this cosy place called Flamin' J. The friendly manager there came greeting, and say try it, if we don't like it, and they will not take our $$.

We first shared a Seafood chowder (RM8.50). It is kind large in portion, and come with a full size garlic bread. The soup is loaded with loads of shredded fish pieces, so thick that I thought can be used as a filling for a fish pie. The taste is heaven!

Mark then had a beef sandwich, in American size (cannot remember the name), while I had a burger named big Bertha (American size, RM11.80). The sandwich came with some home fried crispy potato chips, and a small bowl of mushroom sauce. The sandwich itself is loaded with thinly sliced, almost well-done beef slices.

My burger patties was great nonetheless, 200g of minced meat guaranteed with no binders (flour or stuffs that used to hold meat together). And the pattie was said to be fully homemade, at their factory in Puchong. It taste very well marinated, with a hint of wine or so. For the fries that came with it, they used a real russet potatoes to it.

One thing I like about the food there is that, they are not salty. So you can try it there the next time when u want to eat a good all american meal.

Note on 22/4/05

Jason Choong, the director of Flamin'J actually wrote to me today! He did a search about the restaurant and that was how he got directed to the blog. What a big surprise. Thank you for your good word too. I will surely come by once in a while. :-)

There is writing about Flamin'J too at USJ website.

And he was featured in the Metro Section, The Star too.

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