Saturday, April 02, 2005

Chin Ming Prayer - What to burn???

Every year Chin Ming prayer, Chinese people will buy paper made goods and burn for their deceased love one, in hope to provide those pass away have an easier life down there (you should know down where).

Below are some of the stuffs that SinChew Jit Poh ( highlighted for this year prayer.

This one is very common. My grandma already burn this when my grandfather just died. Now people proceed to remote control air-cond.

Can't seemed to get that fashion you want for you love ones? Buy the material and let them make whatever they want.
Shoes - They look better than what I have now (my lousy slipper)
Teapot set
For those that were very techie - Paper make Pentium Centrino laptop
Is strange why they would want to burn gas cylinder to down there, since hell is always deemed burning hot.
Shortest way to make oneself look cool - PDA, Sunglasses, Digicam, Travel passport
Sniff - for the deceased young children
Some passed away without teeth, replace with thisCamcorder anyone?
Guiness Stout, Mahjong, Ciggy - Mostly are for those elderly
For those that can't afford the real abalone and shark fin during their life time

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