Sunday, May 27, 2007

Weekend and it is Bakerzin 1 Utama for me again

Came around 1 Utama for a short gathering with friend from the Internet. Decided to stay on for one sucky Malaysia made movie - Sumo-Lah which was really nothing to shout about.

After dinner, decided to drag Mark to my favorite dining out spot aka Bakerzin. I can see he is quite dubious over my level of good taste when comes to dessert. But I don't care, because it is month end with $$, I must reward myself with Bakerzin dessert. Heh...

So I proceed in pampering myself with a nice Grand Marnier

Egg white beat till fluffy together with hint of Brandy and sugar (plus some flavoring), then baked till perfection. It comes with a small espresso cup filled with sauce made with real vanilla bean. Erm... good things come too small in size and too little to share!


Mark in turn order the Black Forest something something, which has home made chocolate ice-cream lavishly place together with dark chocolate cake and brandied cherries. I can see that he was in cloud 9 enjoying such wicked tasting stuffs. Haha...


Then we down with very nicely brewed Lavender tea (my favorite) and rose tea.


What a splendid day out it turns out after all!

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(pics taken with Nokia N73ME)