Monday, October 05, 2009

Unlocking Lokatoo GPS to use Garmin Mobile XT

Screw Malsingmap, I will post my own findings in my own blog here.

Recently my brother bought his brand new Proton Persona and was given one very crappy GPS named Lokatoo.

Not convince with the crappy map that have, I spent over the weekend trying to break into the system and eventually prove my thoughts that this is on a WinCE platform.

The whole GPS software was set to run on this Guider.exe at first start, so that is why you won't see the WinCE desktop. In order to break open to that, you will need to:

Step 1. Insert your SD card into the card reader and find this file: GpsRunfile.txt
Step 2. Open this file in using notepad, then change from:

//this file is set path of the file of navigator


//this file is set path of the file of navigator

This tells the WinCE to run CECMD instead of Guider (which is the original GPS crappy software)

Step 3. So, where to we get the CECMD then? What I did was I went to this website Navigo Hack and found the hacking method is similar to lokatoo.

Note :

  • I have followed the old method, which was said to be very tricky but it works for Lokatoo.
  • Also, I did not do an ActiveSync prior breaking into the Lokatoo because I can't find how to work it. It has something to do with the baud rate setting.

So Please be very careful as you might be very well turning your GPS into a brick, then I don't know how to help you after this.

Step 4. So, by now after you have play with the registry, you will already be starting your WinCE everytime your turn on your GPS.

Step 5. I've then proceed installing the Garmin Mobile XT (warez from torrent site) and never look back since then!

Step 6. Where to get free maps? Where else by Malfreemaps?? Screw Malsing again. Heh...

Still not sure how to do it? I will offer to crack for your for RM50/unit. PM me, thanks.



Looks like a lot of people are interested to crack their Lokatoo and use Garmin Mobile XT instead.

I have found another site that this guy is doing similar approach like me, he also has done the part to adjust the screen size as well. So, do have look!