Sunday, April 06, 2003

Petaling Street Raid

Went to Petaling Street today, actually was just wanting to get my eye brows trimmed at a beautician in Kotaraya. But my friend and I ended up shopping around Petaling Street since we wanted to have a drink around there. You know, the famous Loh Horn Kor drink at the cross junction. While we were walking back to Sin Mah shopping archade, there was a sudden hush hush around at the road side stalls. Apparently DBKL has come to raid the illegal CD stalls that were operation at the road side again. My my, it was quite a scene. I would certainly say they were swift in their action and they know exactly what they are doing, where to dring their stuffs to as well. The foreigner tourist were seen quite amazed seeing these people suddenly packing, when they were just about to buy something.