Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Ritz Carlton Gourmet

I was meant to buy the pastries at JW Marriot Gourmet. Since the heavy transform of the lower ground floor there, they have move the place to Ritz Carlton. At first I thought it was a very far away place, but to my surprise there was a nice corridor that connects both of this hotel.

it is my first time to the Ritz Carlton. But I think I've fall in love with its very fine british colonial architecture. What really attracts me, is how nicely things very maanged there. Crisp clean feeling carpets, clean windows, bright white walls there were not worn. Great chandelier lightings everywhere.

A rather homey sort of surrounding in general.

It gaves me the same feeling when I was at the Grand Hyatt Erawan in Bangkok.

If I ever get married, I would like to put up a night at this nice place as my honeymoon suite. The whole hotel gives a feelings that it is very well managed, and it is not to grand. Grandness sometimes also can give customers a rather cold feeling. Like the Palace of the Golden Horses.

JW Marriot -- Adventure to Mystical Toilet

I've learned something about life today, despite how depress I was yesterday.

When life gives you a lemon, throw it to some else.

Not literally I mean. What I want to say is that, if that is how things has become, I now have accepted the true fact there's nothing I can do. I have gave my best, but I must understand that sometimes you can only do so much. Life is full of unexpected things going on.

When you think that there's nothing that excites you anymore. Ask yourself if you have done yourself justice by thinking that way.

So, life is full of unexpected things going around.

I decided to get to the JW Marriot Hotel for some pastries for my customer. If you remember, I once wrote about how excuisite the lower ground floor is, with very fine dining.

This time, JW Marriot outdone herself again. I was greeted with more more great restaurants and cafe there. I mean that the design is just so fine. Hope one day I will have a chance, or a reason to dine there.

Anyway, if you are there, be sure to check out their toilet (the lower ground floor one, behind Shook!

It is a rather hidden one. The whole toilet is dimly lit, and there were these two big vertically spinning wheels greeting when you first going in. The whole toilet walls are made of coarse red bricks, arranged in a rather middle eastern favor. In fact, the lamp shades are of colored glass.

It is very mysterious, after I was done with my business, the janitor (is that what she is called??) will spin the wheels for me, so that water comes out from the tap for me to wash my hand. When she spin the wheel on the opposite direction -- water comes out at the opposite tap! Now, that was very interesting. Haha...

So, if you are there, be sure to check this nice little place out.

Flake's Passing

They say good news never come in pair, but bad ones comes in group.

I guess it is somewhat true, because my dog of 12 years finally died today. He was battling very hard with his sickness after being diagnosed with heavy heartworm infection. In a way, I feel very sorry for him always panting so hard.

Life might have been cruel to him at his end of life, but at least death was kinder. Now he is safe with lord in heaven.

Good bye flakes. And I forgive all the mischieves you've done to us.

(sorry, no pictures of him)

Monday, September 26, 2005


原来你什么都不要 - 张惠妹
So you doesn't want nothing from me - Amei

I know it is not right of me
And I know you can only love so little
我只有不停的要 要到你想逃
I could only ask for more till you want run

泪湿的枕头 干就好
The pillow wet with tears could be dried
But this tear is nothing but nonsense to you
以为在你身后 是我一辈子的骄傲
I thought I feel so proud while standing behind you
But now I realise you want nothing from us

我不要你的呵护 你的玫瑰
I don't want your care, nor your rose
but could only wish you love me through for once
就算虚荣也好 贪心也好
though it might be me being greedy
哪个女人对爱不自私 不奢望
but which woman is not selfish when come to love?

我不要你的承诺 不要你的永远
I don't want your promise, nor your eternity
if only you can love me sincerely for once
就算虚荣也好 贪心也好
though it might be me being greedy
最怕你把沈默 当做对我的回答
what I fear most, is that you chose to react in silence

原来你 什么都不想要
So, you didn't want nothing at all

Listening to this song, I wept like a baby tonight. I meant to wrote a lot of hurtful stuffs, but I guess it doesnt matter anymore. It only bring more grieve to myself when I try to say more hurtful words that I didn't mean.

Why is this love so bitter? It is so hard to swollow, and this song tells the more

真实 - Reality

你说的话 在我心中生了根 爱得很深 所以心很疼
Your words, had grow within my heart. Love is so deep, ache with my heart

记忆 在我的心中翻滚 是不是每一个人 都像我一样笨
Memory, rushing in my mind. Was everyone as stupid as me?

只怕再问 对彼此都太残忍 我能感觉 另外一个人
The more I ask, the more cruel to both of us. I can feel, there is someone else.

我等 等笑容换成泪痕 爱在崩溃的时候 比较真
I waited, till smile became tear. Love is more real when things came crashing down

太多疑问 知道答案又如何
Too many questions, but it doesn't matter what is the answer

原来容忍不需要天份 只要爱错一个人
Patience need not to be gifted, but instead loving the wrong person

心痛比快乐更真实 爱为何这样的讽刺
The heartache feel more real than happiness, why is love so cruel?

我忘了这是第几次 一见你就无法坚持
How many time have I lost myself when I see you?

孤独比拥抱更真实 爱让人失去了理智
Loneliness feel more real than our embrace, love has lost our sanity

会不会是我太自私 拒绝更寂寞的日子
Has it been me being too selfish, denying days that are more lonely?

放不开 也看不见未来
Can't let go, and cannot see the future

难道这种不完美 才是爱情真实的样子
Does life has to be so imperfect, to show what love really is?

Grieve, is what I need tonight.

This question of why has been circulating long enough, and I still cannot figure out why. I guess I really had enough all of this.

I want to have faith!!!

You might think this is crap, but I think it is time for me to read it from cover to cover again. I think I am in need of a motivational boast here. This break up is getting really depressing and out of hand.

" A Surrendered Single doesn't have to look for Mr. Right -- She attracts him."

The principles presented in The Surrendered Single are simple: When you try to control who asks you out and when a man will call, or if you try to corner him into a commitment, you drive him away. When you let him woo you instead, you enjoy the pleasure of being pursued. You fee confident and feminine. Dating then becomes dun again. Marriage follows. You stop going it alone.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Su Doku - The New Craze for Puzzle Solving

Went to Kinokuniya today and saw many books on Su Doku. So I ended up buying one that is on the entry level.

Came back home, quickly read through the very simple rules then I start filling the squares with arabic numbers. I just solve one puzzle from the book already I know this is going to be so addictive. It is hard to explain to you how is work. So I am putting a link below for you to learn from scratch.


It is so easy to understand the game play, but it can be challenging to solve. So I think it is a great way to work the brain out when you get too stress up.

There are many of these sudoku book on the market, but best one are still those originate from the creator Wayne Gould. His are so good that, all of them a guaranteed to have only one significant solution.

To get to know more about him, can go to the site below:

Friday, September 23, 2005


Not sure since when, but I have been suffering from this depression for long. Perhaps the shoulder pain last night agrevated this feeling.

Feel like, this life is so dull so un exciting so... depressing.

I feel even worse to remember that I have been so silly all these while being in terrible relationship. That feeling of being used.

Life has very little meaning. I get a comfortable life, but what's that then? I wanna go help the less fortunate people, but who's helping me to get through the long nights?

I have pity for many things, but who is there to pity me? It would already more than a favor if that person would not stomp on me, walk all over me.

Now, I can only remember one and only one song. This depressing song that has been calling me so long -- Gloomy Sunday http://www.phespirit.info/gloomysunday/

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Shoulder Ache

Yeah, it is coming back again. This pain on the shoulder is killing me. I guess the only way to it is to see a masseur tonight, and cannot sit in front of the computer so long anymore.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

DVD-RW Burner

Hmmm... time for a DVD burner I think. Been downloading too much from the Bittorent lately.

Went checking around, and find that it is best to just buy an internal one since that I don't need to burn DVD too frequently.

I am finishing with the Desperate Housewives, gonna start looking into getting The Supranos I guess.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A plan to go away

Don't get all excited for god sake! I am not going for good okay!!

Just decided that I need a break. Guess my plan to go Melbourne is on after all. Gonna write a mail and tell Em about this. We can go away to Goldcoast probably, Ha!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Simple Life, and all about it

A simple life can be so boring. A life like this can make one suffocate, wanting to exhale. But for some, to be able to lead a simple life seemed ever so impossible. They to, wanting to exhale to lead a simple life.

How contradicting!

But a simple life will at least make me feel life is more manageble in a way. I don't say that I have been through a lot, but I guess I know what life is about here and there. So, I come to a conclusion that excitement is not really something I can manage very well.

My life now is so predictable, but I guess predictable is good. Predictable life means that you would know if sorrow would come hurting you, perhaps you could too avoid it since it is predictable after all.

I am a coward, when it come to risking it. But I've risk it before, so you can't say I didn't try. Anyone that has been bitten by snake would always be fearful over it, what of me who has been hurt twice over the same mistakes.

There was a saying, it is okay if you make a mistake and you learn from it; But if you make the same mistakes twice, that only mean that you very stupid. Am I stupid???

Which is why I say, I am just not capable of leading anything too exciting after all. You just got to accept the fact that you can't keep on being who you are not, admit that you can't have them all.

Simple life is not bad after all, or am I trying to reaffirm myself too??

曲:陈晓娟 | 词:李焯雄

你还记得吗 记忆的炎夏 散落在风中的已蒸发
喧哗的都已沙哑 没结果的花 未完成的牵挂
我们学会许多说法 来掩饰不碰的伤疤
因为我会想起你 我害怕面对自己
我的意志 总被寂寞吞食 因为你总会提醒
过去总不会过去 有种真爱不是我的
假如我不曾爱你 我不会失去自己
想念的刺 钉住我的位置 因为你总会提醒
尽管我得到世界 有些幸福不是我的
你还记得吗 记忆的炎夏 我终于没选择的分岔

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Curiousity Kills The Cat

It is always the case isn't it, when you have a dirty laundry to reveal, there will be scavengers out there waiting to get a bite of your already sorry life.

How interesting to see that there are many people that would secretly drop by on and off to see how is this so called poor-girl living so far. Then when they read about others misfortune, they in turn get a gratifying feels that their life is just not so bad after all. I mean, at the end of the day, everyone just want to have their chance to reaffirm themselves on a certain issues on and off, again and again.

Don't get me wrong that I am feeling uneasy with me writing of my so called misfortune. Because until now, I actually doesn't feel anything, other than the fact that I am getting bored sitting in front of the computer so often.

So, please feel free to come again and again. Who knows what saucy story might come up as time goes by?

Thursday, September 15, 2005

What a terrible aircraft MAS has!

Came to Singapore for a product launch for two days. Since just a short trip so I decided to just take a quick flight down here. While I just got settled down at my seat, a cranking sound rush through from the back. It sounded more like, you know, throwing rubbish from the garbage chute atop.

That sound lasted for the entire flight. Eventually I discovered, it is the solid pieces of ice that is flowing through the air conditioning vent within the plane!!! And when pieces of ice rush through, the whole aircraft became rather foggy with the mist coming out of it.

Can you imagine, what if the air cond system has something to with the electricity within the plane. And what if this pro-longed, and lead to a certain machanism failure, then lead to something even bigger...erm... like an air crash??? (CHOI!)

Whatever it is, I think if MAS can't even solve a problem like this, how can they solve bigger problems like the revenue and returns???

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Eating in Beijing

It is a miracle that Mark survived the food in China. It is even more surprising to learn he survive it without any stomach problem at all! (That was until when he first came back to KL, then diaorrhea non stop, how strange!!)

China (261)
Typical Menu of Restaurant in Beijing

Without our daily mamak fix, we begun our 9 days of beijing journey, surviving on whatever that we feel edible.

China (231)

First day, is of course attacking the Wangfujing Food Street eating all the weird things there.

China (234) China (232)
China (233) Pics (69)

Most common one would be the Xinjiang BBQ Lamb (tongue very numb after eating it). Other would then try some exquisite yet expensive stuff for example:

Scorpions, sea horses, centipedes, worms... star fish. (~25yuan to 50yuan per stick)

But as day goes by, Mark and I start looking for other more common local food to fill our stomach too.

Most of the days, we had dumplings. And dumplings can be divided into dry one, soup wantan, fried gyoza style or shanghai steamed style. It really didn't take me long to understand how to order them!

Other day, I will sneak out for breakfast, eating stuffs that Mark won't eat. Had the Dandan Noodle (no good, very salty with very little meat and vege). I also tried the LanZhou La Mian (Beef Pull Noodle), which was excellent actually.


One other day, I tried a typical beijing breakfast, that is You Tiao with Soya bean milk at this chain restaurant call Yong He Ta Wang. I discover some people here actually drink the soya milk salty, and eat the you tian at the same time. I find the taste too weird, after all the milk itself is a bit burn.

On other hand, typical tourist in Beijing would be hault to Quan Ju De for the famous pekingnese roast duck. After that, they would usually be fed with Dong Lai Shun's Sliced Lamb steamboat. If you ask me, I think both of them are more for the rourist and represent very little of the local people food.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Back to KL, Klang Valley night view

We arrived quite late tonite. It was already near 11pm when we fly above the Klang Valley skyline. Have you ever see KL from the plane on the cloudless sky before? It is actually rather breath taking too, no bad compare to other skylines, be it New York or London.

I feel this place look so calm at this quiet night. There are very few cars on the brightly lit highway. The tolls, look like a big stomach readily swollowing all cars passing through. Hahaha...

The KLCC always look so tall and strongly standing from a far, while KL Tower never deserted the KLCC standing near her too.

There are many dim housing areas from afar, and cars are burrowing through them. I would guess it must be time for the people in the car to find a home, and a bed to sleep on.

And I, whom glad to be home, will find a my comfortable to sleep on too.