Sunday, September 25, 2005

Su Doku - The New Craze for Puzzle Solving

Went to Kinokuniya today and saw many books on Su Doku. So I ended up buying one that is on the entry level.

Came back home, quickly read through the very simple rules then I start filling the squares with arabic numbers. I just solve one puzzle from the book already I know this is going to be so addictive. It is hard to explain to you how is work. So I am putting a link below for you to learn from scratch.


It is so easy to understand the game play, but it can be challenging to solve. So I think it is a great way to work the brain out when you get too stress up.

There are many of these sudoku book on the market, but best one are still those originate from the creator Wayne Gould. His are so good that, all of them a guaranteed to have only one significant solution.

To get to know more about him, can go to the site below:

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