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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Day 3 Korea : More SNOW !!! enroute Everland

Woke up much later this morning, finding all the youngsters are already all geared up ready to ski and snow board more! Not much different on the surrounding, still with much snow.

Korea (580)

After brief breakfast quickly run outside to take more pictures as most of the one we had was night scene.

Korea (573)

Snow at day time seemed too bright for my eyes. Perhaps that is why Everest conquerers insist on wearing sunglasses otherwise they can go blind with the snow blind.

How cold would it be? Not much, but a mere -6deg.

Korea (579)

I would say anything below the temperature of 0 deg C has every little different, coz it is still as cold. Inccidently my sister was chatting with me about this, she thinks there are differences between a temperature of -10 to 0, coz people will think of 0 deg is too hot a temperature during winter times. Hmmm...

Anyways, we also take chances to take pictures with the paperboard depicting actor and actresses who filmed the Autumn Love here at the Vivaldi Ski Resort.

Korea (565)

We then depart to Everland, one of the few famous themepark in the country. Originally the plan was to Lotte World, however two of our colleagues been to both the park before and they both think Everland seemed newer, bigger with more new ideas as compare to Lotte world.

Korea (717)

Our ticket were included this thingy called big 5, which that we can have 5 rides in the park for free. After all you are all on your own.

Well... the chair lift is free...

Korea (641)
Korea (639)

As well as this snow sliding... some of went 4 times for it... safe and fun, totally awesome... You can't get this anywhere in Malaysia for sure!

Korea (684)
Korea (689)

Though we get 5 rides for free but with 3 hours here, we hardly have enough time to finish the rides. Most of the time, the que to the rides were just too long for us to wait.

We qued for this Safari bus ride, so much so we missed the daily parade.

Korea (665)
Korea (670)

The highlight for the safari was to see the Liger. Where by these animals were inhumanly reproduced between tiger and Lion. The whole ride was being introduced by a Korean bus uncle that seemed very humorous. Actually everyone in Korea, including this Park are very professional when comes to work. They always look enthusiastic, politely greeting everyone.

Anyways, since that everything was in Korean, We all ended up wondering which of the animals we seen is the mythical Liger... even after we got out of the bus much later. SIGH!

Korea (653)

Is this the Liger??

Korea (656)

Ligers??? Ligeress???

Korea (655)

Maybe this is the Liger??

Korea (654)

Liger??? Or Liger's food?? Kakakaka
Currently the whole of Korea are into buying this winter warming accessories. Till I got very tempted as well... not just Everland's selling it, in the street of Dongdaemon within Korea, they are having it cheaper with handwarmer all build into one as well.

Korea (647)

Animal hats for US15

Korea (714)

Gloved for US8 or so

Took some pics here, quite a well kept place, doesn't look old and worn out.

Korea (629)
Korea (631)
Korea (645)
Korea (704)
Korea (707)
Korea (710)

If not mistaken, Everland is owned by Samsung corporation currently. Oh well, Korea is famous for big corporation owning almost every kind of business. I mean, the guide was even recommending us to try out the Face mask made by Samsung cosmetics, which claims to be one of best deal around.

That night itself, we finally gone back to Seoul. It was a very very very long ride, like 3 to 4 hours or so. The traffic on the 3 lanes highway towards the city direction was notorious that evening. Partly due to upcoming weekends and Christmas celebration as well. All of us ended having big time urge to go to the toilet, worsen by such cold weather as well!

Went to Dondaemon where fashion is the business here. Clothes here are cheap actually as I think the people here follows the fashion trend closely. Think they throwing out of season clothes away religiously!