Monday, November 21, 2005

Back to the daily grind

Yawn... so sleepy. Am back for work after a week relaxing in laid back Melbourne. Hmm... if only I could be there in Melbourne for long.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Kangaroo Spotting at Cardenia Resevoir


My mom got terribly facinated with these marsupials the other day when we were in Grampians. Our family friend whom migrated to Melbourne many years ago suggested we might find a lot of Kangaroo hopping around at Melbourne largest resevoir area.



True enough, at around 5pm all these cute lil animals started coming out from the bush for feeding time.


They are everywhere!!!

Mom was thrilled and ran towards them, almost!


Dad was rather bored, I think. Haha!!!


Friday, November 18, 2005

Our car

Oh well, it is nothing too fanciful. Just a V6 engine Mitsubishi Magna we rented from Thrifty while we were here.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Grampians National Park

Grampians National Park - From Barooka Lookout

So glad to be here, even though yesterday's look out at Mt. Williams was a disappointment. Not much there anyway, and with loads of uphill walk.

It's tough, and hot, walking on Mt. Williams

We stayed for night at this nice 3 stars RACV motel, with the Grampians as our neighbour behind our back.

Our Motel at Halls Gap

I can assure you that this is a very wild bird,
like your neighbourhood Sparrows

Get to look at two wild kangaroos on our drive to Baroka Look out. First time to see a wild kangaroo after seeing that "Kangaroo next 5km" sign for umpteen times.

A Wild Kangaroo

It nice to get away from the city, as the Grampians offer a different relaxing environment. The rocks here are from very very very old time. Dad think even the rock surface show signs of old age, cause of the wrinkles and liver spots on them. Haha... Even the trees here look like very old witches congregating around. I would guess this place is so spooky during the cold moody winter months.

Mini Grand Canyon

Driving back to Melbourne, we found ourselves at such great weather today. It is wonderful to be in Melbourne during Spring after all.

Victoria is a wild wild place

Haystacks all rolled up

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Yarra Valley and Vineyards

The weather was extremely pleasant today. After our short drive from Belgrave, we arrive the famous Yarra Ranges, where all the Yarra Valley cool climate great wines are from.

We have no idea where the good wineries are, therefore we decided to just drive around. We first arrived at this place called Lilydale Estate, bought a Pinot Noir that is not produced by them. So, it was just so so...

Stopped by at a Lavender Farm

Arriving at Healesville Sanctuary, we found that entrace fee was like AUD$21.00 per person, so we decided to go and see the Koalas nor the Kangaroos since they were suppose to be in the wild at the first place.

We start driving off, then arriving at the Long Gully Estate. Thes estate is situated at such a beautiful place. The vineyard is accompanied by the majestic Yarra Ranges behind it. There were few horse grazing opposite the roads, while the sky were so so blue high above. This is like heaven undiscovered to me.

I wandered into the small factory shed to look for someone in charge, and found myself surrounded by wonderful smell of wine. And then, someone shouted for me from the other end.

At Long Gully Winery Estate

There came this young man, he brought us into his little shop. My mom and dad got themselves half drunk with all the good wines there, while brother went off to take come great pictures with his Olympus Camedia C-770.

I then start admiring the amount of prizes, certificates this winery won. So so many of them!!!

My dad decided to buy one of the Carbenet (AUD$15) and Vintage Chardonnay (3 for AUD$21). As I am typing this, I am having the Chardonnay, and I can tell you it is a very good white wine. No spicyness as it is a matured body one. *HIC*


I once use to think that, even when I move to stay in Melbourne, I will still stick staying at where most of the Chinese are But now, this few days has changed my mind. After these few years of working, with new experiences, I find myself actually feeling very comfortable talking, being around the westerners. I enjoyed their wicked sense of humour, their friendliness. Sometime they are rude, but that is just because they speak their mind out, rather than talking bad behind one's back.

It is a whole new experience for me, in Melbourne this time.

Puffing Billy - And the engine goes on puffing

With the care of volunteers and supportive Australian companies, these age old steam-engine locomotives go puffing through the new century.

Puffing Billy Station at Belgrave

With Another Steam Engine Train

Let the steam roll on!

It is a kinda nice, feel like travelling back into the 50's when the Station master rang the bell and blew his whistle, while the steam engine churned out the "CHOO!CHOO!" sound. Haha...

With the friendly train driver

Monday, November 14, 2005

Supper at Pancake Parlour, Glen Waverly

Always wanting to eat at this place when I was a student here. Only now I get the chance to eat here, tonight.

It was rather rainy. It always is this way during the early sring. This is making the whole place so damn cold and a little miserable.

We took a drive around the neighbourhood, and decided to stop by at The Glen for supper. There I found this Pancake Parlour.

So, you can guess it, we had pancakes. Haha... I can't deny that the pancakes were good abeit the price they charged (AUD$7.60 for two standard piece, comes with maple flavoured syrup and whipped butter).

Moving out from Melbourne CBD into Clayton

Hah... a relieve... we finally move out from our hotel. I had to sleep in my sleeping bag on the smelly carpets for days. It was rather unpleasant for me.

Bleak~ that's me writing from my brother's room

Coming to Clayton, where I once studied was like - wow, its been so long. And I find myself kinda lost with the roads I once so familiar with.

We came to brother's place, only to discover he was staying next to this place called Bayview Convention Center. Not a big place, unlike what its named suggested. I still remember my friend Chui Li was put into here when she first came to study in Melbourne.

Clayton, where I am staying at

The whole damn place was without a soul. Kinda scary actually. So I quickly get to her and keep her accompanied, and that was how we begun to get to know each other. Well, we are the best of friends now. Ha...

Anyway, during the previous 3 days stayin in city, we really had enough of eating out. Mom decided she would use bro's kitchen to cook us a really nice meal. Yum... chicken stew with Red Wine ala Chinese style, that was what she cook very often when we were there.


Sunday, November 13, 2005

Greek Fast Food, Anyone?

At night, not quite sure on what to eat, brother decided to bring us for a quick dinner at this place corner of Russell Street - The Stalactite for dinner. It is a Greek Restaurant, but the food I see here look more like Kebab to me! They have the same shaved lamp from the BBQ pit.

We had this Lamb giro, which was shaved lamb meat that comes with either fries or pita bread, as well as some garden salads. It taste quite okay, but the flavour doesn't surprise us too much. Kinda tasted like the kebab.

They have got the "Sovlaki" as well, which is pretty much pita wrapping on lamb -- A kebab. But we didn't order that.

I was wanting to try this thing call Moussaka, however it was sold out that day. So, too bad.

They had this Baklava, for dessert. I always wanted to try that, again, didn't really get to it this time. Oh well.

Stroll at Port Melbourne

I was surprise to find that, there were so many people coming to Port Melbourne. I didn't know this place exist at the first place when I was studying in Melbourne previously.

We were very confused why the tram we took was so crowded even through it has travelled so far away from the city center. When it arrived at the last stop, everyone suddenly just alighted at once. Wow...

One small part of Port Melbourne

Apparently, this nice beach side was an extension from the St. Kilda beach. Many people brought their dogs to stroll around here, there are also people riding bicycles, and sexy women jogging around too.

There are some nice restaurants around, near the port. We took chance by eating at this place called "La Campari" - A nice Spanish dine in. Brother seemed to know about Spainish food, as he ordered a 10 items Tapas. It turned out to be quite nice! Mom decided to try the pasta, which I think is not bad either. Yum...

At the La Campari

The 10 Item Tapas

Port Melbourne is also the docking place for "Spirit of Tasmania". People travelling to Tasmania by Cruise all come to this place.

Sunny, but cold and windy


I like this place. Sunday has always been dreaded by me when I was in Melbourne, that was because all the shops are closed. But now, I realise there are so much more nicer things to do on a Sunday, e.g. taking it easy by spending the day at Port Melbourne. People here are so at ease, they take time to spend with their love ones, which in my opinion is more important that trying to earn that extra $$ or shopping aimlessly.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Victoria Market

Bleak~ after all these years, this place is still the same. Selling same old stuffs at a jacked up price for typical blurr~ tourists.

Didn't really spent much time here, as most of the stuffs here are 'Made-in-China'. Kinda feel sick knowing the autheticity of the place is lossing as time goes by.

But bought some very good quality, large macadamias from there. Large, good aroma and kinda cheap at AUD$29.95/kg. I think I can eat that for snack for this whole week! Haha...

Friday, November 11, 2005

Wandering around Melbourn CBD

One thing good about staying in the Central Business District is that, it is very easy to get around with the ample Tram stations around. I see that the tram stations had been very nicely done up. Now that it even has computer screens showing the estimated arrival time for the next tram.

We went to Richmond's Pacific Restaurant for a nice chinese roast duck for lunch. It is good, but kinda pricy.

Then it was a long nap for us as it has been a groggy whole morning for us.


At night took the tram again to Lygon Street area. It was known where all the italians congregate, there fore it is not impossible to find good italian food here. We went to one Italian restaurant for some good pizzas and pasta. It seems that the restaurants in Melbourne now have outdoor seating too, even during cold weather like tonight. They put these lamp-shade-like burning heaters along the walkway to heat up the surrounding, which seemed rather cool.

Arrived at Melbourne!

Gosh, it has been more than 4 years since I left Melbourne in 2001. I still remember so much sadness I had within my heart when I say goodbye to the beautiful Melbourne skyline when I depart that night.

And now, I am back here again. I wonder if there are much changes here after all these years!

We checked into a hotel -- Batman's Hill on Collins. What sort of name is that for a hotel??? I've not idea how did they decide what name to use for the hotel.

Unlike what we forcasted, the weather here is far from HOT. It is mostly ranging from cool during the day to cold throughout at night. Fortunately I bought my beloved red pullover. Bought that in "Old Garage" when I was studying here previously. Heh...

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Carnaval Churrascaria

It was Hary Raya eve, and I wasn't quite sure what myself would like to have for dinner. And so, I just decided to drive around Damansara Jaya, where Atria Shopping Center is.

Then, I arrived at this small humble little restaurant at the corner of the street -- Carnaval Churrascaria, next to Maybank.

I have problem pronouncing that word Churrascaria, and the restaurant doesn't seemed to promising when I first arrive at its door step. There were many people there, and the setting seemed not to posh. I took a look at the appetizer station, and I realise "Oh, its a buffet"

That is what Churrascaria, or known as Brazillian Barbeque is all about. You pay a RM48++ for dinner, and you eat all the appetizer, entreez that you want, and the waiters will bring all the skewed BBQ meat to your table and carve directly onto your plate.

It is not your typical hotel boring buffet, this one definately offer some nice oomps! I liked the BBQ Lamb, as well as the turkey ham. The lamb was done so juicy, and taste heavenly with the chopped mint leaves.

There weren't as many variety of meat as they promised, but the food quality is great. Great but for one, the topside beef did not use the best cut. So it taste a little liverish. Nonetheless, it is a great experience to dine there.

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