Friday, November 11, 2005

Wandering around Melbourn CBD

One thing good about staying in the Central Business District is that, it is very easy to get around with the ample Tram stations around. I see that the tram stations had been very nicely done up. Now that it even has computer screens showing the estimated arrival time for the next tram.

We went to Richmond's Pacific Restaurant for a nice chinese roast duck for lunch. It is good, but kinda pricy.

Then it was a long nap for us as it has been a groggy whole morning for us.


At night took the tram again to Lygon Street area. It was known where all the italians congregate, there fore it is not impossible to find good italian food here. We went to one Italian restaurant for some good pizzas and pasta. It seems that the restaurants in Melbourne now have outdoor seating too, even during cold weather like tonight. They put these lamp-shade-like burning heaters along the walkway to heat up the surrounding, which seemed rather cool.

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