Monday, November 14, 2005

Moving out from Melbourne CBD into Clayton

Hah... a relieve... we finally move out from our hotel. I had to sleep in my sleeping bag on the smelly carpets for days. It was rather unpleasant for me.

Bleak~ that's me writing from my brother's room

Coming to Clayton, where I once studied was like - wow, its been so long. And I find myself kinda lost with the roads I once so familiar with.

We came to brother's place, only to discover he was staying next to this place called Bayview Convention Center. Not a big place, unlike what its named suggested. I still remember my friend Chui Li was put into here when she first came to study in Melbourne.

Clayton, where I am staying at

The whole damn place was without a soul. Kinda scary actually. So I quickly get to her and keep her accompanied, and that was how we begun to get to know each other. Well, we are the best of friends now. Ha...

Anyway, during the previous 3 days stayin in city, we really had enough of eating out. Mom decided she would use bro's kitchen to cook us a really nice meal. Yum... chicken stew with Red Wine ala Chinese style, that was what she cook very often when we were there.


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