Sunday, November 13, 2005

Greek Fast Food, Anyone?

At night, not quite sure on what to eat, brother decided to bring us for a quick dinner at this place corner of Russell Street - The Stalactite for dinner. It is a Greek Restaurant, but the food I see here look more like Kebab to me! They have the same shaved lamp from the BBQ pit.

We had this Lamb giro, which was shaved lamb meat that comes with either fries or pita bread, as well as some garden salads. It taste quite okay, but the flavour doesn't surprise us too much. Kinda tasted like the kebab.

They have got the "Sovlaki" as well, which is pretty much pita wrapping on lamb -- A kebab. But we didn't order that.

I was wanting to try this thing call Moussaka, however it was sold out that day. So, too bad.

They had this Baklava, for dessert. I always wanted to try that, again, didn't really get to it this time. Oh well.

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