Sunday, November 13, 2005

Stroll at Port Melbourne

I was surprise to find that, there were so many people coming to Port Melbourne. I didn't know this place exist at the first place when I was studying in Melbourne previously.

We were very confused why the tram we took was so crowded even through it has travelled so far away from the city center. When it arrived at the last stop, everyone suddenly just alighted at once. Wow...

One small part of Port Melbourne

Apparently, this nice beach side was an extension from the St. Kilda beach. Many people brought their dogs to stroll around here, there are also people riding bicycles, and sexy women jogging around too.

There are some nice restaurants around, near the port. We took chance by eating at this place called "La Campari" - A nice Spanish dine in. Brother seemed to know about Spainish food, as he ordered a 10 items Tapas. It turned out to be quite nice! Mom decided to try the pasta, which I think is not bad either. Yum...

At the La Campari

The 10 Item Tapas

Port Melbourne is also the docking place for "Spirit of Tasmania". People travelling to Tasmania by Cruise all come to this place.

Sunny, but cold and windy


I like this place. Sunday has always been dreaded by me when I was in Melbourne, that was because all the shops are closed. But now, I realise there are so much more nicer things to do on a Sunday, e.g. taking it easy by spending the day at Port Melbourne. People here are so at ease, they take time to spend with their love ones, which in my opinion is more important that trying to earn that extra $$ or shopping aimlessly.

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