Saturday, February 19, 2005

BBQ ala Aussie Style in Putrajaya Wetland Park

What can I say... this is the best thing to do on a sunny Saturday afternoon... Mark and I thought we should try BBQ at this place, and was more than surprise how well kept this facility is (Probably because it was unknown to many still). We bought the pre-marinated meat from Carrefour (try the Lamb shoulder, very good) and left to Putrajaya to find out what it is all about.

We were told to buy a boat ticket as there is no through road there. It cost RM5 for a lousy 5 minute boat ride, though thru and flow. And then we had to buy token to operate the BBQ machine. It is RM2 per token, and must buy minimum 5 (RM10 gone). Each token put in, will have the BBQ operate for 14min. But is okay, we just want to see the place.

You can see from the picture that, it is actually very well kept, and the so call pit is actually a very well cleaned stainless steel grill pan. The place even have a clean sink for washing and a water cooler too. Nearby there is a toilet that has handsoap for washing even! It might be hot around, but the whole time was windy too.

Nice place, and we think we shall be going there again next weekend with our friends.

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