Sunday, February 06, 2005

Primary School Reunion

Everyone has heard about High School Reunion, and most of us at least as been to one or two so far. But, who would've heard about going for your primary school reunion, specificaly consist of only your own ex classmate! Yes, I have just came back from one. It was held at the PJ SS2 Greenview Restaurant (somewhere near the Rothmans Roun-a-bout).

Man, there are so many of them I have not seen for year, some I have not even met after standard 6 graduation. Most of the guys grown pretty well, tall and handsome. WHile the girl, some actually still look fairly the same, but there are a few that look so sexy and feminine now. And guess what? Even some of teachers were present. One of them is this cikgu Lee, she is the fiercest teacher of the 6 years I study there. She actually asked if I know who she is, and I said: Yeah, you are the fierce Cikgu Lee! She laughed a little replying: Well, that is why you remember me the most!

Duh! What logic is to that?

Anyway, there is very little productive outcome from these sort of gathering, usually. You know, your so call long lost girl friend hugging you when they see you, just like one of those movie you see, then each of them exclaimed: Oh, it has been sucha long time, you look better than ever. Sigh... I really not sure what to think about it. I guess, like what they say: Curiosity kills the cat. Perhaps that was the major reason why I was there.

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