Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Grey Area, have you got some?

It is interesting to see how children reflex their thoughts in their own world. So naive, so sincere and unaffected by this world. :-)

Was I like that at one time? Yeah you bet, and I can guarantee you I am still somewhat like that now. This "grey area" term has never seemed to get on too much to me throughout the years. Although at the age of 27 now, I actually still feel that my mind was just a fresh as the age of 21. I know its existance and I know what it is all about, but my idealistic mind thinks that, "oh man... I am sure I can make this world better by upholding my believes in the area of right and wrong" I mean, why should we always bow to the fact when you know a little changes might goes a long way eventually?

But of course, it is an uphill task and eventually becomes your own enermy if you do that too much. So, it is not too hard for me to find myself getting more and more cynical while observing lives going around this society. I can't help but sniggered everytime I read another story of two adults doin hanky panky behind their partner's back. I mean, hello, what has this world gone to? No words can really comprehend my view at how the society is now except, accepting it as part of the grey area. But of course, not complimenting it by being part of it I hope.

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