Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Paya Indah Wetland Closed - Where to cycle after this?

I am so not surprise that this place will close, even the first time I went there about two years ago. What surprised me is that it actually lasted longer than I thought. Now now now, we else are we to blame here other than either the government lah, the society lah or our parents lah, or the stupid god who happens to create these damn place at the first place?

Anyway, it wasn't that great of a scenery after all. It just serves as the purpose to relax on a weekend, when Mark and I decided to go for a ride on their tandem bike. Someone that went fishing there told me, that there is actually back way to get into the park without paying. Hmmm... wonder what's the route like eh.

from The Star

PUTRAJAYA: More than three years ago, the multi-million ringgit Paya Indah Wetlands Sanctuary funded by the Government was opened with much fanfare.
Hosting some 210 species of residential and migratory birds as well as some 26 species of mammals including the four Nile hippopotamuses given as gifts from the Botswana government, it was hailed as the country�s premier ecotourism park.
However, the 3,100ha park with about 50 employees has been closed to the public due to financial problems.

A fading signboard at the sanctuary, which is managed by the Malaysian Wetlands Foundation on behalf of the Government, carries the announcement that it is closed effective Feb 1.

Its chief operating officer Nor Hisham Ismail said the wetlands had been closed to the public for an indefinite period while it undergoes �management restructuring�.
He said there was no reason for the public to worry about the park or the fate of its animals.

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