Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Happy Chinese New Year

Usually my parents will organize big time celebration, including asking more than 50 people to come for a catered dinner. If that was not enough, they would even organize at least 2 tables gambling within the house. Then, my sweet tiny ( a pomeranian I have) will be busy hanging around the visitor with a pelading look, so they would feed him the food in their hands!

But, not this year, it has a been a very quiet one for this year Chinese New Year. My mom grumbles that there are too much work and pressure preparing for big time party. So we just sat around at home, doing not much. Well, you can pretty much say that my "ang pow" this year shall not be as cheerful looking anymore. Anyway, that is okay, because at anytime, that shall not be able to compensate the RM500 I gave my mom for Chinese New Year angpow.

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