Sunday, April 26, 2009

Company Team Building - Cope Adventure

Seriously... I hate Jungle very much, and I don't understand how a 2 day 1 night event can help improve team spirit between colleagues. I believe if the spirit is never there at the beginning, it cannot be forced into it.

But I did enjoyed myself at the Cope Adventure last weekend. It was fun, especially we get to know all our colleagues better since all of us are in the office at random times, sometime there just isn't enough time to get to know each other better.

3S Cope Adventure (1)

3S Cope Adventure (6)

3S Cope Adventure (2)

Think the charges was at RM170 including a nite stay at the air-conditioned camp (?!)

3S Cope Adventure (3)

3S Cope Adventure (4)

With lunch, dinner, morning tea, afternoon tea

Loads of games, both outdoor or indoor

3S Cope Adventure (7)

Used to hate the Jungle tracking like hell, but this round think I actually enjoy it a lot more, albeit with loads of sore muscle the next few days (Hate the stairs too, and going to toilet!).

3S Cope Adventure (10)

3S Cope Adventure (11)
So much for spraying too much Bygone on the track suit to prevent leeches adhering. First thing first made us track inside the river.

3S Cope Adventure (9)

3S Cope Adventure (12)

3S Cope Adventure (8)

First time came out from the Forest at night, feel like ages since we last see civilization. Many of us have to dump our wet and trashed sport shoe after the jungle ordeal. Some of these shoes were just bought anew!

3S Cope Adventure (39)

Night arrive with more laughter as we play the passing-the-massage game, and short script play cross dressing. Haha...

3S Cope Adventure (13)

3S Cope Adventure (14)

3S Cope Adventure (15)

3S Cope Adventure (16)

3S Cope Adventure (18)

3S Cope Adventure (19)

3S Cope Adventure (22)

3S Cope Adventure (26)

I was knocked out almost immediately after that, but some people just don't sleep.

Playing cards, a must during company outing everytime.

3S Cope Adventure (29)

What, midnight slam dunk?

3S Cope Adventure (17)

Ah, Karaoke is an old favourite

3S Cope Adventure (30)

Some ran up to the viewing tower nearby at Lookout Point and take picture

3S Cope Adventure (31)

Awaken next day with silly but fun Banghra Dance (Hindustan style, woo-hoo!)

3S Cope Adventure (33)

Be disturbed by a flasher monkey, :P

3S Cope Adventure (34)

And play more games

3S Cope Adventure (35)

3S Cope Adventure (36)

3S Cope Adventure (37)

Including miniature Amazing Race, which I was made to eat a whole lime raw, a whole egg raw, raw green chili and worst was the bitter gourd eaten as whole! Almost puke on the spot.

3S Cope Adventure (38)

But as I've said, I am glad I came as I really did enjoy myself, still don't think the team spirit has improve -- that is because it was all the while exisiting there already mah!

3S Cope Adventure (40)

Sunday, April 12, 2009



  • 永远不要问别人赚多少钱,也不要告诉别人你有多少钱。
  • 永远不要问别人这个东西多少钱买的,也不要告诉别人你的东西是多少钱买的。
  • 渐渐长大后,你得处理男孩子的问题。要记住的基本原则是:他们需要你远大于你需要他们。
  • 狂热追求时,男孩会告诉你上百万个故事,但你不要理会那些故事。
  • 听到无稽的诺言、奉承的话语时,要保持清醒。不要追随一个男孩子到其他学校、城市,或其他场所。
  • 任何“必试”“必读”的东西能免则免,尤其是流行的东西。记住,有一半人口的智商在中位数之下。
  • 直到至少年满28岁,对自己和世界有更多认识前,不要结婚。
  • 小心所有的政客。在学生时代,他最出众的是在课后休息时间;毕业后,他就很少能做出卓越的事情了。
  • 那些看起来可以做你父亲或祖父的男人,其实并不会把你当女儿或孙女看待。
  • 在单身酒吧你得不到任何东西,只有调酒师会比你学到更多经验、赚到更多小费。
  • 下班后,不要每天晚上跟你的死党出去喝酒。老板们不会这样做,这正是为什么他是老板的原因。
  • 几乎没有什么理由要你跟老板单独出去喝一杯,更不要说出去与他一起用晚餐。工作和生活要泾渭分明。
  • 避免办公室恋情,这对双方的个人和职业发展都是灾难。
  • 参加公务午餐时,不要喝酒。
  • 准时还钱,尽可能一有钱就还掉借款。好信用很重要,坏信用如鬼魅,会经年纠缠着你。
  • 购物之前,一定要先填饱肚子,才不会买过头了。
  • 永远买高质量的东西,它们经久耐用,更能保持价值。
  • 长时间驾车或在公共场合出现前,一定要先上洗手间。
  • 学会打字和缝纫。
  • 精通算术和数字,这样你会比其他人更有优势,更能注意到其他人忽视的异常之处。
  • 照顾好自己!没有健康的身体和充沛的精力,你要想成功那就太难了。

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Briksdal Glacier (Briskdalbreen) - en route to Lom

20th September - Sunny & Nice

After we got off from the Aurland snow road, it was already near 1pm. We hurried to continue our journey up north to Lom, our plan for the rest of the day was to see the Briskdalbreen (Briskdal Glacier) in Stryn before we arrive at Lom for the night.

We had to drive back that longest tunnel again back to Laerdal, before we board another ferry (again!)from there to cross over to Sognefjord.

On the way to Lom

Quite lucky as there was a ferry just in nick of leaving. Otherwise would've to wait for 30min I think.



Then we have to drive the mountain pass, along a privately constructed road and pay a toll like USD30. I was like eh?! Private Road?!



And eventually saw the sign to Briskdalbreen, located within the Josteldalbreen National Park. Everyone was getting very excited to see the Glacier, except my Aunt that has no concept of what Glacier is.


Drove along some farms, came to a crystal, erm more like turquise colored lake with people fishing there. We stop and ask what did one of them caught, and this norwegian guy spoke with great American accent says "Trout!" Haha!


By this time, we could see a Glacier right in front of us from afar.


To distant from where we turn in at Stryn center till Jostledalbreen National Part was not exactly a short drive. When we reach there, it was already at around 5pm. At this time of the season, usually things close at 6pm due to low tourist turn out, as well as the sun set sooner.

Further to that was that the Glacier we saw from afar was not the Briksdal glacier but instead the Melkevoll Glacier. we were tricked! My dad suspected that was not the real real Briskdal Glacier as we read somewhere that the real Briskdal Glacier could be view from a very near distance.


So we keh poh chee (busy body) and drove up to the Briskdal Glacier Centre to see what's there to see and viola! We found that this is the start point to go up to the real Briskdal Glacier. It requires a good 1 hour of uphill walk (look very steep to me, I swear!)

My mom and dad was struggling on if we should pay NOK200 to take the Troll car to go up since the real Briksdal Glacier was hidden from a hill right in front of us. I was pacing left and right at the entrance to see if there was anyway that I could get a glimpse of it, perhaps in hoping I could be done just with that.


Oh well, eventually the NOK200/person was paid, and we had this old retired uncle that seemed very happy with his job and drove us up. He look so old that his face hand neck all wrinkled too much.


We begin to climb uphill on the Troll Car, as we go up we crawl into the revine that was hidden from us at the main entrance. The view changes.

Up up to the edge of the glacier! Jostedal Glacier National Park

Waterfall formed from melted glacier, look blushish actually

We continue to climb and it was quite a while before we took another right turn and the Briskdal Glacier finally come into view! All of us was like sigh in its magnificant standing...


The final 1km walk up to the end of path has to be done on foot. It is perhaps a measure to reduce pollution near the glacier itself I think.


Briksdalsbreen (The Briksdal glacier) is one of the most accessible and best known arms of the Jostedalsbreen glacier.


The Briksdal glacier lies in the Jostedalsbreen National Park. Briksdalsbreen terminates in a small glacial lake, Briksdalsbrevatnet, which lies 346 meters above sea level.



Taking a closer look at the Glacier, it is not as clean as you might want it to be. Pollution, exhaust from vehicles, you name it and they all contribute to the grime formed on glacier.



As the glacier melts, a pool form right in front of it, with the same mystifying turquise color.



A piece of small Glacier floating on the pool, issit too much if I ask for Ais Kacang ABC here?

My mom looking so small compare to creation of mother nature

Being around at higher latitude is actually very cold, not to mention the constant wind blowing to our face. As the sun begin to set, we too return back to the base saying good bye to such beautiful scenery.