Saturday, September 16, 2006

Yikes, but I forgot my bf's birthday

No excuse given, but yes, for first time after claiming I love this man numerous time openly, quietly I actually I have it slipped of my mind.

I wasn't sure what quite happened that whole day, for that September 11 actually didn't ring a bell on me.

Dear, you must've been very disappointed that your so called gf actually forgot to wish you happy birthday. And I apologise to that.

Happy Belated Birthday to you.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Aha Cafe - I feel at home and welcomed here

After dinner, not sure where to go for my dessert, I came stumbling across this small humble looking place near Grand Continental Hotel where I stay.

As I pushed open the door inside, I was overwhelmed with the warmth and cozy setting of the place. I choosed the main couch in the cafe and lounge on it casually, just like how I would do so in my own home.


A very nice girl start coming by to chit chat with me and ask what would I like. I had her suggest something nice as I had my dinner earlier on. To my surprise, the only thing they have around are mostly healthy food, and she choose a homemade yoghurt with fresh fruits. I wasn't quiet sure about that, but since I really adore the ambience, thus I agreed and stayed on. Apart from that I ordered myself a cup of latte too.




While the food definately taste healthy, not too bad, it is the settings that make me wanting to come back for more. The lady owner is very friendly and all the staffs chit chat among themselves like how family members would be.


I really hope there are serious cafe owner like this in KL, as the owner for AHA indeed spent much thoughts on the interior design with exquisite funitures and paintings. She has provide a quality time out for us, instead of running a mill milking money for low quality food like how those KL cafe owners does.

Kudos to AHA for my excellent time spent there!

Other bloggers blog about AHA too!

One night in Kuching

Came to Kuching on a very last minute planning. Had a very important presentation tomorrow morning at UNIMAS.

I stayed at the Grand Continental executive floors (rarity!) as most of Kuching's hotels were rather fully booked. And since the dealer rep decidedly dropped me off early at the hotel, I had to find my way to dinner.

Dinner. I thought there wasn't gonna be much choice to choose around at this place, but apparently there are some stuffs going on here at night!

Minus the rather touristy Waterfront (where the Fort Magherita is), I manage to find quite a few nice eateries around downtown center. And I didn't have to walk too far off from the hotel as well.


There are quite a bit of Chinese kopitiam around, and I decided to eat at this chinese stir fry place opposite MAS Plaza. Very small yet cozy settings.


I ordered myself two piece of fried fish topped with tauchu sauce. And then I had this sliced bamboo shoot stir fried belacan, and a rather homemade corn buttton mushroom soup. All for RM18. Not bad, as it taste quite homey too!




Surround Kuching is not as quiet as you might think. In fact it can be a very nice weekend get away if you want to. But food wise generally is about the same like KL. Walking around town, I still can get the feelings of how KL once feel like many decades ago. There are still businesses run traditionally, mookcakes that were sold in tube like arrangements, tid bits snacks that are rare in KL.