Thursday, May 01, 2008

Finally... 2007 Dec Korea Trip Updates

We came to Seoul as part of the annual incentive trip, partly sponsored by our company. As for me, I have never been to Seoul before personally. Prior arriving here, my opinion about Korean are that they are more fun than the Japanese (i.e. not bound by social order), and that Korea is much lack behind than Japan.

But I guess I was wrong! Though Malaysia and Korea start from the same point prior after global economy downturn in the 90's, but after merely 15 years they have already surpass us so much so that Seoul itself was recently voted to be one of the most expensive city to stay in! Not even Tokyo can beat it, nor New York itself.

Read about my short 6 days 4 nights trip (yes, u got it right) here with my colleagues to Korea, and perhaps you might have a better perspective what Korea is like these days!

All the pitures of my Korea trip have been uploaded to :

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