Friday, February 15, 2008

Day 2 Korea : Mount Sorak

I woke up fairly early this morning, but feeling much better as compare to the groggy me yesterday. Surprisingly the room was very warm, not due to the non existent heater but the heated floor. Our beds were warmed all night long with this centralized floor heating. The ducting actually runs along all the commonly walked path within the room.

I then opened up the glass door facing outside to find out what's outside. That is really the usual thing I do. What place is better to observe the surrounding up above than being in a multi story high hotel?

Korea (359)

Dawn slowly brightens up the sky. From far, this whole place is actually situated between mountainous region. The mountains afar seemed so barren and unfriendly.

Korea (369)

Nearby hills with trees are covered with dotted snow. I guess it didn't snow last night.

After having breakfast from hotel, we continue our journey to the Soraksan National Park.

Korea (357)
I can't say I like this place. Especially during the cold unwelcoming winter times where all the trees were bald and boring. Since that it was so cold in the morning, the number of people seen walking around here were less as well.

Korea (380)

Korea (371)

We took all the pictures we need near the entrance, then quickly walked to the cable car station to take a ride up to the highest point. It was not that high actually, but due to the harsh weather all year round, the surrounding mountains are all very steeps and rocky. Looking kinda scary to me!

Korea (381)

Korea (368)

Korea (383)

Apparently after approaching the top station, the journey didn't end here!

Korea (386)

Korea (387)

Korea (392)

Korea (390)

We've got to walk like 10 mins more up hill on rubber covered pathway. Along the walk, can see that the slopes were iced up, all together with soil and dried leaves and grass. Can't imagine if I have got to walk on this without any protection!

Korea (393)

Korea (397)

Korea (398)

Korea (403)
Not sure what this means here, but I guess must something like "Don't play football here"

The scariest part of this whole place was when I arrived the highest point!

Korea (407)

The ravine looks too deep but walking on top of this non slippery big rocky platform, no handles were offered! No grill around as well. I always know myself have fear of heights, but it is only here I found myself truly shivering all over. Erm, not till the point I shit on my pants, but you get the idea...

Korea (410)

Korea (432)

Korea (418)

Some of us here are totally comfortable of being on top the world though!

Korea (408)

Korea (433)

Next was strolling around the Soraksan Temple nearby the vicinity.

Korea (440)

Not much here really. A big copper Buddha statue looking so aged with the green rust on it, and nearby the temples building. The scenery around here as you might already know, are the rocky mountains around. So it can be quite a beautiful view to some of us.

Korea (442)

Korea (463)

Korea (475)

No food, no cafe, but with a small souvenir kiosk. There are some roadside stalls selling tidbits, and the local women sitting on the floor offering stuffs from the mountain.

Korea (454)

Korea (492)

We then went down the mountain back to the town.

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