Friday, February 15, 2008

Day 2 Korea : Fish Market and Ski Resort

Coming down from Soraksan, our next place was to the Fish Market.

Korea (588)

Fortunately things got warmer when we got here, the sun starts to show its face around at least! But it can still be cold if you stay idle too long.

Korea (592)

People around here constantly be near the coal stove to warm themselves. I guess it can be cold since they are in contact with water often.

This fish market is about 30min away from the Soraksan National Park.

Korea (617)

Korea (611)

In Malaysia fresh swimming seafood are abundant, but in Korea where unions are strong, every little things count, including wages. So fresh seafood is really not usual here as the amount of manpower needed to keep things going here.

Korea (615)

Korea (616)

To me, there is not different of an fee collecting aquarium compare to this market. You get to see almost every fish and clam you thought of...

Korea (606)
Puffer Fish, anyone?

Korea (607)

Korea (605)

Korea (602)

and never thought of eating.

Korea (601)

I don't even know you can eat this really. Best thing is that they are all supposed to be eaten raw sashimi style! Yuck.

Korea (613)

Err... you are not allowed to eat this... haha... took this pic as the dog look 99% similar to one of my colleagues dog. Apparently she found out her own dog died when she came back to Malaysia later. :-(

Anyways, since we can't bring back the wet seafood, there is always the option to bring back the dry ones. Loads of variety to choose from. I find the goods here by far the cheapest throughout our duration here.

Korea (596)

Korea (598)

If you are ever here, don't forget to try the locally made snow crab meat floss. It is really sweet, juicy and chewy and cheap to buy. But must remember to keep in the fridge after arriving in Malaysia. It tends to get moldy too quickly as there weren't any preservatives add to it.

We only get to see snow again must later that evening. It was a long 2 hour drive to the skiing resort. Even I myself dozed off, only to be awaken much later by the cold air that surrounded gradually. I found our bus were in winter wonder land!

Korea (503)

So much so much snow everywhere, on the roof top, the farm land, hills, river banks. Looks like the place got snowed the day before.

Korea (504)

Korea (506)

The bus eventually stopped by at a ski gear rental so those that wants to ski at the resort can get their gear. I chose not to as after I did a little calculation, I've got to forked out USD60+ to get the clothes, goggles, and thing just to be at the skiing place for 2 hours or so. Besides, I've already tried skiing back then in Japan, only to find that skiing is not something I am good at.

Good thing is that after paying so much for the clothing, it is free to get into the skiing place. Even the ski pole and the ski set are provided for a small fee (i think). You can see that youngsters going out to ski like 7am in the morning, just after jumping out of the bed. Err... can I say skiing in their blood? There are loads of people doing the snow boarding as well, and be very good with it too!

The whole skiing center is right on a hill behind this Vivaldi Resort we stayed.

Korea (507)

Korea (509)

Korea (511)

Since we arrived there in the evening, naturally we could only start trying to ski around on the night session.

Korea (519)

This whole place was all brightly lid up, and hits music being blasted around. I can be very sure most nocturnal animals gone hiding far away from here.

I counted there were 4 lanes all together with different difficulty level.

Korea (520)

Some of the lanes are supplied with the chair lift system so those that just want the downhill trill doesn't gripe about the walk uphill! Because snowing are mostly unpredictable, what all the resort here did is that making their own snow and laced them with chemicals so the snow last longer. But the guide told us melted snow around here will stain ordinary clothes, which was why she kept insisting us to get the rented ones.

Korea (533)

Korea (527)

Korea (526)

Korea (535)

While all of the ones that get their hour long briefing, we that didn't join decided just hang around and take pictures.

After that was small shoppings again at the convenient store just right downstairs. Snowboarding and skiing is a big deal, naturally cooking in apartment is the last thing youngster would do, so on the go instant noodle cooking is a must and this Family Mart has it all ready.

Korea (539)

Bought a lot of junk food that I've never tried before but feeling curious to try it. Some are good, some are tasteless, while some taste just those you can get in Malaysia.

Korea (541)

After that we quickly go back to our apartment (Yes, sleeping on floor again for some of us)

I can definitely tell you Korean can be very good business people as well. Our night here didn't ended just like that, the guide quickly run back from skiing ground to my apartment coz we were going to have a small snacking party. She came preparing the Korean noodles, as well as bring tidbits and beer, rice wine.

Korea (542)

Korea (552)
That's the guide singing

When we were about to finish after loads of beer, singing, eating, messing around, the guide coolly suggested to give us all a ginseng mask treat. She had a small teaspoon of the ginseng powder into a plain yogurt, then apply onto each our face telling us our skin will go much softer after that.

I tell you, she was really good. Few days later, on our trip to the Ginseng shop, almost everyone in the tour bought this ginseng powder, extracts. Mind you, it wasn't even cheap to begin with. Even I myself ended up with a bottle, now still in the fridge.

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