Saturday, May 14, 2005

咖啡 - 张学友


曲:黄韵玲 词:何启弘





A Lamb Being Devoured

She seemed so young and naive, and love is like a fantasy to her. Young princess met her prince when he needed her most, and "bam!" happily ever after. I don't denied I was once like that too.

There she went online and met this guy. He seemed nice, very knowledgeble, dashing(minus that big fat tummy), sophisticated with an American Accent. My my my, she felt for it, but she didn't know a trap is waiting to capture her.

Not that this captivity is dangerous neccesary, but is that prey that enjoys the process of capture and release. To see how he is able to overpower his prey, he smiled silently while planning his next step.

Dear small little lamb, are you awake yet??? I hope you see you path soon enough, and please, run home quickly to your mama so the big bad wolf will not catch you.

Don't worry about me, I am in safe hand now... and I won't let him hurt me again.

Monday, May 09, 2005



Sunday, May 08, 2005

Drunk Driving

Someone tied one red cloth at our house yesterday. Puzzled, my mom decided to take a look at houses next door. True enough, the other houses has it too. She followed the red cloth and arrived at this house few blocks away, and a funeral is being carried out there.

"Who's death??? Issit Mrs. Ho our friendly neighbour?" She thought.

Mom approached Mr. Ho, and he seemed so sad on his look.

Apparently their daughter, 28 year old young and beautiful has passed away last night. A guy friend and her had just left a party at wee morning, and trying to go back home through Jalan Templer. Perhaps he was drunk, and he made a misjudgment when did that cornering. And BANG! They hit a curved and then something else. She then died of internal hemorrhage, as her rib punctured her left lung.

That guy, he was around hanging outside the house. He suffered nothing, but he is suffering from remorse. He must've hope if there is a second chance, he will never ever drink another drop in his life time.

Don't think and drive, just like the naggy advert says.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A time when things are on pause

He knew he is a lucky bastard because he would have died at that split moment.

He was not sure why he would want to ride his bright yellow sporty bike that way. That gap, why is he so tempted to ride through that small little gap between that light colored Kancil and another car that he can't remember what it is. He was not on a rush to get home, because it was not time to go home yet. Perhaps it is that adrenalin rush through the spine, and up to the head that is urging him to perform this "stunt"

He told himself "I've got to do this" and there he stepped on his accelerator. Vrrooommm!!! He heard his engine, there he went speeding pass the green Iswara on the left, and the gold colored Waja on the right, before finally arriving at his skill testing spot - The gap where the kancil was.


It is not a very new car, but he has been proud with his driving skill all this while. He has always drive that way and no one should tell him what to do.

"Now, why is that car on the fast lane driving so slow?" He thought. "We have been side by side for so long, that proof he is not driving properly on the fast lane. Gotta pass him"

He decidedly just swirl his car on the right, knowing the car behind will give way more of the time.

"Who cares if they give way or not, they just got to unless they want to bang onto me."



He was not sure what happened when the front of the motor cycle just got into that gap. Looking down, he was surprised to find that the Kancil's bumper was touching the front tire. Loss control, yes, he try to hold the steering, but the bike keep spiralling down...

"No!!!! This can't be it!!!"
"Why are the other fucking cars blarring its horn so loudly??"

It seems eternity... time seemed to stop at that second. Everyone slowed...

He felt down finally, and slide away together with his beloved bike.

Sliding, and he though "What's next? Is the Waja behind going to run over me?"
He tried to get up, but the bike caught his leg., and he thought "Am I going to die?"
Sliding more, he though "Will my family be sad to find out that I am dead?""I am so sorry I got to break their hearts like this way."

But he is a fighter. He noticed the bike is turning at an angle, qickly he losen himself and sprung up. He sighed when he saw how close the waja was behind him, and quickly hop to the divider for safety.

Looking at himself, and the traffic, and his bike, he sighed further and though "Thank god I wore my helmet today, and thanks for this hardy gloves and padded jacket"