Friday, January 26, 2007

Flying off the handle on a Friday!!

What TGIF????

All this work that accumulate since last week is really making me out of breath. These stuffs! Plus one unknown sudden equipment tender is really sending me flying off the handle.

It is at time like this I always question the purpose of this lifetime, why I am here in this current time, current location. It is time like this that always bring me down, making me feel small, unimportant, sending me wondering why I am here, born into this world.

Issit my life has to be always about work? Issit always about feeding myself? What about self gratification then, does that ever occur to normal individual like me? I want to do something great too, but at moments like this I ask myself if I could ever be someone my parents and my partner proud of. Do I have the ability? How much more endurance I have got to handle before chances start coming towards my way?

I would think that a break might be doing me good, but what happens after the break then? Things like this will occur again and again, like a vicious cycle. So, at that time, how do I get away from the situation that might somehow consume me at the end? Help, I am drowning here, can someone point me to lighted parthway so I can stumble less here????

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Catching Flight at Macau - Rushing Again!!!

There wasn't really much happened today. What intended to be a one day tour around Macau ended up hastily at the Sands Casino, before we go to the airport that is.

We quickly rush over to the China border at Gong Bei (拱北) only to found that there were thousands of people trying to cross over to Macau at around 11am in the morning!!! Probably that was due to a post new year rush I think.

So we ended up having dim sum session again at the Gong Bei Mall, which was not bad at all... for the taste and the price that is. (Written here the restaurant name: Macau San Bou)

China (474)

China (470)

China (471)

Finally... we managed to cross over to Macau with the duration of 1 hour I think!

Having to paid enough for transportation for the past few days, I suggested us to take the free bus shuttle provided by Sands Casino to try our luck. Kih kih kih... it turns out we managed to lung our "extra large" luggages with us after numerous plea to the impatient bus uncle.

China (478)

China (477)

China (480)

Apart from the quite nicely decorate Sands Casino, that managed to make us part with about US$100 after two hours of struggling, we didn't really get to anywhere at Macau at all!!!

China (11)

Not even tasted the Portugese Egg tart....

Fortunately, there is one place we finally bought some -- at the Airport that is. We paid like USD$7 for mere 3 egg tarts, but fortunately it does live up to its good name.

China (494)

Hmmm... taste somewhat like putting a hot custard pudding into a croissant that is.

China (493)

So, there you go, this concludes my 5 days adventure to Southern China. Do write to me if you need any details. I shall be glad to be of help. Hehe...

Monday, January 01, 2007

Five Goat Statue + Dinner at Er Sha Dao 二沙岛

It was already quite late when we came out from the Xi Han Yue Wang tomb. And we still managed to rush to take a picture with the five goat statue, which apparently is the symbol for Guang Zhou city.
China (447)

China (448)

But after that, the sun sat so fast that we wasn't able to visit to the memorial ground for the 72 warriors that fight the Japanese during post Ching dynasty. 黄花岗七十二烈士

So, it was time for us to have dinner. The driver was very enthusiastic in find us a nice western dining place. Guang Zhou too has its era receiving the early western culture since long ago. They too have this area that one once no entry to Chinese, hmm... and dogs???

Anyway, we went to this nice modern looking restaurant at Er Sha Dao 二沙岛. The state theater is nearby too on the next street. Had some very nice western cooking at a very decent pricing.

China (468)

China (464)

China (459)

China (455)

We had the Goose liver pate as well. Mom seemed to enjoy it by looking at the picture here. But if you ask me, pate is really not my thing. Tasted similar to eating one big piece of beef soluble fat into your mouth!

China (456)

I like this pasta. Olive oil but flavoured with hint of lavender. Yum.

China (457)

Guang Zhou West Han Nanyue King Museum 广州西汉南越王博物馆

Apart from Pan Yu Treasure Garden on this trip to Guang Zhou, the other surprise was this West Han Dynasty Nanyue King Tomb Museum.

China (444)

Somewhere in the 80's, when this whole place begins to develope, people one day just stumble over this not so big tomb, that is like 120 years BC. Although the place was found to be flooded for many times over the years, archeologists still manage to recover more than 1000 pieces of relics (mostly porcelains, coppers stuffs). Erm... and some very small bit of body remains of course.

China (435)

The discovery of this place is as important as the Qin Dynasty Terracotas apparently, as before that, historians know very little on how our ancient ancestors lived during that period of time.

I didn't believe that a tomb actually exist in this neighbourhood that is somewhat metropolitan, filled with tall buildings everywhere. Further more, it seemed so small! But then again, with exceptional modern building design, they manage to display all the stuffs efficiently to visitors!

China (438)

China (439)

Plus the tomb together of course!

China (437)

Strangely, despite its important discovery, this place has never been part of the tour group destination. Most probably tour operator decided to reduce cost by reducing stops that needs to pay admission ticket I think.

I like this place. It is very well laid out, airy and modern looking. Mostly it didn't give you that creepy feeling on like how museum does.

And the toilet... a must to visit. China toilets really has improve tremendously these days! A 5 star hotel toilet in a small little museum like this. Wow...

China (440)

The Chan Clan Museum 广州市陈氏书院

This place used to be free the last time I came here with my cousins 6 years ago! Now they are charging big bucks, was it like RMB15 per entry???

China (397)

China (431)

China (399)

The surrounding area of this Chan clan museum used to be surrounded by farmers sort of dwellings but now it is surrounded by tall buildings!!!

But this is just one of those place you must go if you are ever at the Guang Zhou city. It is listed as one of the protected heritage blah blah blah, because this place survived the harsh Japanese bombing during the world war. What together was the beautiful carvings on the wall, doors, rooftop etc.

China (416)

China (429)

China (401)

China (404)

China (421)

China (420)

China (415)

This buildings most likely would be one of those last yet well preserved buildings that represent southern china architecture.

China (411)

China (407)

Hmmm... nonetheless this site not my cup of tea really, not old enough to stir my interest...

By the way, me and my sis had this crystal sugar coated thingy. A rare treat for children in older days, but we find the sour fruit underneath too strong a taste for us!

China (396)

Treasure Garden - Pan Yu 番禺宝墨园

China (348)

It was plain surprises on how beautiful this place is when we first arrived here.

China (305)

Set in a remote place at Pan Yu (30km away from Guang Zhou), and next to slumpy industrial neighbourhood, Treasure garden is indeed a secret garden known only to the locals!

China (310)

We paid like only RMB30(USD8) to get in. Once in the garden ground, we were greated by lakes, ponds and rivers filled with huge looking kois everywhere.

China (377)

China (369)

China (314)


China (365)

China (308)

The whole place is newly built it seems, but of convervative architectures similar to rich man's mansion of late manchurian dysnasty.

China (351)

China (387)

China (382)

There are some buildings with drawings, sculptures, antiques collections that are precious, all inclusives in the admission ticket.

China (326)

China (329)

The cafeteria near the large wall drawing sell great bargain foods e.g. noodles, dessert. Do try the steam milk pudding dessert that is a speciallity here (RMB4 per bowl). You can take away the instant powder mix as well and make your own whenever you want (RMB15 for 5 packets). Also available is the ginger flavor and almond flavor version

China (371)

It is just great to relax around here for a day, especially on a sunny cold morning like this.

China (378)

China (367)

China (359)