Monday, January 01, 2007

The Chan Clan Museum 广州市陈氏书院

This place used to be free the last time I came here with my cousins 6 years ago! Now they are charging big bucks, was it like RMB15 per entry???

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The surrounding area of this Chan clan museum used to be surrounded by farmers sort of dwellings but now it is surrounded by tall buildings!!!

But this is just one of those place you must go if you are ever at the Guang Zhou city. It is listed as one of the protected heritage blah blah blah, because this place survived the harsh Japanese bombing during the world war. What together was the beautiful carvings on the wall, doors, rooftop etc.

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This buildings most likely would be one of those last yet well preserved buildings that represent southern china architecture.

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Hmmm... nonetheless this site not my cup of tea really, not old enough to stir my interest...

By the way, me and my sis had this crystal sugar coated thingy. A rare treat for children in older days, but we find the sour fruit underneath too strong a taste for us!

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