Monday, January 01, 2007

Guang Zhou West Han Nanyue King Museum 广州西汉南越王博物馆

Apart from Pan Yu Treasure Garden on this trip to Guang Zhou, the other surprise was this West Han Dynasty Nanyue King Tomb Museum.

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Somewhere in the 80's, when this whole place begins to develope, people one day just stumble over this not so big tomb, that is like 120 years BC. Although the place was found to be flooded for many times over the years, archeologists still manage to recover more than 1000 pieces of relics (mostly porcelains, coppers stuffs). Erm... and some very small bit of body remains of course.

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The discovery of this place is as important as the Qin Dynasty Terracotas apparently, as before that, historians know very little on how our ancient ancestors lived during that period of time.

I didn't believe that a tomb actually exist in this neighbourhood that is somewhat metropolitan, filled with tall buildings everywhere. Further more, it seemed so small! But then again, with exceptional modern building design, they manage to display all the stuffs efficiently to visitors!

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Plus the tomb together of course!

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Strangely, despite its important discovery, this place has never been part of the tour group destination. Most probably tour operator decided to reduce cost by reducing stops that needs to pay admission ticket I think.

I like this place. It is very well laid out, airy and modern looking. Mostly it didn't give you that creepy feeling on like how museum does.

And the toilet... a must to visit. China toilets really has improve tremendously these days! A 5 star hotel toilet in a small little museum like this. Wow...

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