Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Catching Flight at Macau - Rushing Again!!!

There wasn't really much happened today. What intended to be a one day tour around Macau ended up hastily at the Sands Casino, before we go to the airport that is.

We quickly rush over to the China border at Gong Bei (拱北) only to found that there were thousands of people trying to cross over to Macau at around 11am in the morning!!! Probably that was due to a post new year rush I think.

So we ended up having dim sum session again at the Gong Bei Mall, which was not bad at all... for the taste and the price that is. (Written here the restaurant name: Macau San Bou)

China (474)

China (470)

China (471)

Finally... we managed to cross over to Macau with the duration of 1 hour I think!

Having to paid enough for transportation for the past few days, I suggested us to take the free bus shuttle provided by Sands Casino to try our luck. Kih kih kih... it turns out we managed to lung our "extra large" luggages with us after numerous plea to the impatient bus uncle.

China (478)

China (477)

China (480)

Apart from the quite nicely decorate Sands Casino, that managed to make us part with about US$100 after two hours of struggling, we didn't really get to anywhere at Macau at all!!!

China (11)

Not even tasted the Portugese Egg tart....

Fortunately, there is one place we finally bought some -- at the Airport that is. We paid like USD$7 for mere 3 egg tarts, but fortunately it does live up to its good name.

China (494)

Hmmm... taste somewhat like putting a hot custard pudding into a croissant that is.

China (493)

So, there you go, this concludes my 5 days adventure to Southern China. Do write to me if you need any details. I shall be glad to be of help. Hehe...

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