Monday, January 01, 2007

Treasure Garden - Pan Yu 番禺宝墨园

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It was plain surprises on how beautiful this place is when we first arrived here.

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Set in a remote place at Pan Yu (30km away from Guang Zhou), and next to slumpy industrial neighbourhood, Treasure garden is indeed a secret garden known only to the locals!

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We paid like only RMB30(USD8) to get in. Once in the garden ground, we were greated by lakes, ponds and rivers filled with huge looking kois everywhere.

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The whole place is newly built it seems, but of convervative architectures similar to rich man's mansion of late manchurian dysnasty.

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There are some buildings with drawings, sculptures, antiques collections that are precious, all inclusives in the admission ticket.

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The cafeteria near the large wall drawing sell great bargain foods e.g. noodles, dessert. Do try the steam milk pudding dessert that is a speciallity here (RMB4 per bowl). You can take away the instant powder mix as well and make your own whenever you want (RMB15 for 5 packets). Also available is the ginger flavor and almond flavor version

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It is just great to relax around here for a day, especially on a sunny cold morning like this.

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