Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Bad bad flight to Beijing

Man... so this is what you get if you are offered an incentive trip from the company!

We actually pay extra for this trip and then we were urshered into the plan at 12.30am the night before, and guess what??? The flight is only 6 hours. Just iamgine how groggy we all became when we first arrived at the international airport.


Along the highway from Airport to Beijing City Center

The weather is so so warm, it reminds me of KL. Even known when I am typing this, I feel it was no different from typing at my house in SS2. :-)

Yawn... we want to sleep... there's no breakfast for us after that, since breakfast was provided on the plane! Lucky I flicked the cold bun from the flight, and ate it when we were at the Forbidden City.

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