Monday, August 29, 2005

Writing from the Backpacker's Hostel

Hie all,

been reading my post lately? :-)

I am still here after being in beijing since wednesday last week. All of my colleagues had gone home yesterday. Mark and I have stayed back, until thursday. We checked into this nice little Backpacker hostel call "The Red Lantern House" in Xin Jie Kou.

It is one of those older brickhouse located in the old Hutong area. But very nearby to the main road to grab a quick bite. There are Mc Donalds, Dairy Queen, Yashinoya, and local stuffs like noodle and dumpling shop.

The courtyard of Red Lantern House

This place is quite nice and homey. There's a man made Koi pond in the middle, and a black color dog running around to be friend with us. The owners are very friendly too.

Cute Michael (read again, I say Michael, not Mark, :P )

Mark's still fast asleep upstair at this hour, while I already fed myself long before. Hehe...

We have been very tire from our whole last week's travel, so we decided to take it easy in Beijing itself. For me, all kind of sickness has been catching up. First had sore throat last week, then a mild cold with coughing, after that was the urinary tract infection. I just kept on needing to go to the toilet. And you know how bad china's toilet can be. Hmmm... also, my knees still hurting since thursday climbing the great wall.

Mark on the other hand is having some stomach discomfort, probably due the oily food he has been getting here. Food is quite a problem here, as it can get very oily most of the time. So once in a while we both just got to pay a visit to the McDonald's for a meal.

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