Friday, August 26, 2005

Ming Tomb - DingLing, largest of the 13 Tombs

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This place is very quite a far drive from the city (about 1 hour). After getting down the bus, we walked up a small hill, apparently is the upper portion of the tomb!

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Can you imagine the tomb below here???

Going behind the hill, we reached the entrance to the tomb. And there we walk down the staircase of about 6 floors. It is quite cool inside there. Some might find the coldness eerie. BOO!!

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Various sightings within the tomb

Though the government claimed that everything in the tomb remained as it was first found, I find this tomb to be very empty. Ceiling is high within, built with very smooth wall. I would suspect that must be of very superior masonry skill.

I think I will go the the Ching Dynasty (in He Bei) tomb next time as I heard it is very painstakingly built.

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