Monday, August 29, 2005

Toilet in Beijing

I tell you, toilet in Beijing is just so so disgusting. The look at it doesn't seemed dirty, but the smell I tell you, you just can go bonkers getting the smell alone.

Even at high class shopping mall, like the Oriental Mall, it is just as bad. That floor in the toilet always seem so so dirty. No matter how many time the worker mopped with her dirty dry mop, it will never clean it all all.

I mean, the street of beijing is so clean, but the toilet is just so difficult to keep clean which I am not sure why. Apparently they have been doing large campaign to rates public toilets, be it three stars or four stars. But they just can't maintain it too long.

In the toilet at forbidden city, the people was told that they cannot wash their hair, wash clothes, wash leg, etc. so I guess you can see the reason why toilets in beijing never get too clean.

Another thing, is that we can't flush the toilet papers into the bowl. Even though you have wiped your butt full of shit, you just got to throw that disgusting piece of paper on the small little bin next to you. I forgotten about that last night, so I caused one of the bowl blogged till now. Oh well...

In my opinion, no matter how fast Beijing might want to progress, they will have a long way to go when comes to improving their toilets.

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