Monday, August 29, 2005

The Great Wall

China (182)
The Great Wall!!! at Ju Yong Guan

We went to the Badaling Great Wall today!!! And the part of great wall that the guide chose is "Chu Yong Kuan". Heavily renovated according to the Lonely Planet guide. If you ask me, I still think this heavily renovated part of the great wall, to be quite challenging. After all, all the steps are actually not evenly paved.

China (179)
Highway branch off to Great Wall

China (180)
China (182)
Perilous slope awaiting

China (184)
Motivated at Starting Point

Despite of that, I managed to climbed to the level 4 in 1.30hr. Most of the people that came with me, went all the way up to the highest peak, at level 6.

China (190)
I huff and I puff

China (195)

China (198)
I wish I didn't come! Hmm...

The view here is just breath taking, can see more of the great wall section on the opposite of the highway. The weather was rather cloudy, and feel a litty mysterious when looking down. A top of the world experience to me. Yeah!

China (193)
But for the nice view...

China (191)

China (201)
Nevermind "lah"!!!

China (205)
Made it up also, at the end. Haha!!

Going up is hard, but decending is not easy either. I just got to come down slowly so that I won't tumble over. We stopped at level 3, 666m above sea level to get our certificates. Damn, the girl that engraved our name wrote it so badly.

China (199)
Souvinir Time

China (210)
Careful when you making your calls to show off at your friends!

China (212)
Coming down is just as tricky

China (219)

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