Thursday, August 11, 2005

Haze!! When is it leaving us alone!!!

I can definately assure you that this smoky haze blowing from the Sumatra is making almost everyone I know, sick! Even I myself is down with this sensetive nose, which then leads to uncontrollable nose leakage, whereby to the end is a full blown cold. My mom in PJ now kept complaining that her throat is feeling so sore, and even the house now is looking very smoky.

Me on the other hand is rather lucky to escape to Ipoh here to work! Still, the scenery is a bit blurr even though I can see the clouds and pale blue sky. At least the air is not smelling with the burn smell here. I am relieve that I I feel much better after being here for just one day.

Now, I am wondering if I should go back to KL tomorrow. My company is having a nice company dinner treat at Sasaaki in Menara UOAII near KLCC, but I am so fearful that my nose is going to be that bad again!!! Mark, who's with me now thinks it is not a good idea to drive back as it is quite difficult to see the road clearly, especially on the highway.

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