Thursday, February 16, 2006

Diarrhea at Metro Manila

Wonder why am I posting at such early morning??? That is because I was so drugged and drousy for the whole night since 7 yesterday. Down with diarrhea, so lost in touch with reality, I am beginning to have very bad impression about this city, this hotel (The Peninsula).

Advance and modern this city may it pose from outside, deep down there are many ugly sides of it. The mob mentality of the people that never change since the day they break free from the American rulings. While the other side, Big grand theaters and convention center dotted the city with sense of culture, within the same place itself, there is always a chance me and you can get robbed, mugged with no second thoughts.

People here carry guns wherever they go. I mean, just the feeling itself feel so insecure. As we came back from dinner nearby, we were being checked and checked again by the security to unsure we are not bringing bomb to the hotel/shopping mall.

I am really not sure when is my next visit to this place again.

Monday, February 13, 2006


It seemed to creep up to me secretly tonight. I am not sure how it did. Just as I was enjoying a very nice long hot soak in the bath tub here at Peninsula Manila, that feeling sneaked upon into my mind, filling my whole heart.

It is just merely a day I said good bye to Mark, and such terrible throughts already seemed to sticked it ugly little head out. What more then I say goodbye to him this Sunday.

Can anyone tell me, is this genuine feeling of "missing", or is it me being the selfish one wanting to have him with me at all time. If it is the later, isn't that putting me under spotlight being a possesive woman?

I guess I just got to manage this myself, because I know him, it doesn't really bother him whatever thoughts I really have. When he has to go, he just got to. Maybe the lord will have mercy on this love sick person sometime soon, relieving her from pain she had herself in.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sweet... Dinner from Cameron Highlands

Just got back from Cameron Highlands, Mark decided that he should cook dinner at home this time since we are very tire eating outside.

Ingredients: Asparagus, Fresh Mushrooms, extremely fresh Salmon slices (from Jusco previously), wild mushrooms anti-pesto

He decided we should make a very good dinner out of the fresh asparagus and mushrooms we got from Cameron Highlands.


Have got the nice Wild Mushroom anti-pesto I bought from Cold Storage couple of weeks ago. Decided to give it a try after reading Shaolin Tiger's blog.

DSC00288 DSC00291
What is Mark cooking and messing around with???

Viola! A great dinner finished with a nice lemonade rose syrup drink

Souvinirs from Cameron Highland

Ha, admittedly, I have not bought so many things for previous trips I been on for a long time, particularly on trips within Malaysia.

See what I have got from such short trip?


Wild Bee Honey, Asparagus, Home made Rose Syrup (from Robertson Rose Garden), Passion Fruit Juice, Cameronian Apple, Fresh Mushrooms, Pearl Sweet Corn (Very crispy and sweet!)

Actually got more stuffs from Boh Plantation, but not so unique so they are not within the pictures here.


Got here too are the nicest scones I've ate in Cameron Highlands (actually, just compared between Boh Plantation's and Cameronian Inn's only). RM5.50 for a set of 2 scones, strawberry jam and butter. Quite expensive!


Friday, February 03, 2006

At Cameron Highlands...


Yawn... Arrived very early this morning. Staying at
this nice little guest house called Cameranion Inn.

Marks still fast asleep, so i went out at the common
area and had very good home made scones with tea grown
on Cameron itself. Feeling rather like am in oversea,
especially with all there foreign backpackers
wandering in and out of the place.

DSC00268 DSC00267

This might be our last trip together before Mark goes
studying in Tasmania week after next. So, we just
thought we should take some time off to be with each

It has been a very eventful year for our relationship
throughout last year. Many things has happened, but
I've no regret being with him for that he has enrich my
life to the extent that I never know it would exist.
And for me, I am very glad that I've give all myself
into making this relationship works too...

DSC00265 DSC00264

Though feeling sad that he shall be gone soon, but I too feel glad that he shall be doing something that he really enjoy. And I am sure that our relationship, our friendship shall always be there, always waiting to go to the next level.

Now, if I might just start looking at the flight schedule to Hobart...