Monday, February 13, 2006


It seemed to creep up to me secretly tonight. I am not sure how it did. Just as I was enjoying a very nice long hot soak in the bath tub here at Peninsula Manila, that feeling sneaked upon into my mind, filling my whole heart.

It is just merely a day I said good bye to Mark, and such terrible throughts already seemed to sticked it ugly little head out. What more then I say goodbye to him this Sunday.

Can anyone tell me, is this genuine feeling of "missing", or is it me being the selfish one wanting to have him with me at all time. If it is the later, isn't that putting me under spotlight being a possesive woman?

I guess I just got to manage this myself, because I know him, it doesn't really bother him whatever thoughts I really have. When he has to go, he just got to. Maybe the lord will have mercy on this love sick person sometime soon, relieving her from pain she had herself in.

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