Wednesday, December 28, 2005

2006 New Year Resolution

What is my 2006 new year resolution?

It is actually my year 2005's new year resolution since I did not get to fulfil it this year.

Then what was my 2005 new year resolution?

Well, it is actually the year 2004 new year resolution.


So, what exactly was your 2004 new year resolution then?

I can't remember that, it is too long ago



Tuesday, December 27, 2005

all about AIDS

Author's note:

Muahahaha... no one can do this better than the sarcastic Michael Ooi himself. I thought I should include this entry to here since the government was talking about implementing sex education in school. What about the public then? They need some sort of information too in my opinion. Perhaps what Michael suggested would help.

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There has been some sort of awareness campaign at my workplace about AIDS. Each time I passes by our employee entrance, I'd see that bunch of posters on display at the corridor. Lots of them ... complete with graphics and all that. I must have walked past those heaps of posters for at least a few dozen times, but I never actually took a glance at it. I just knew that it's about AIDS (from the red ribbon).

Yesterday, while waiting for my colleagues during lunchhour, I sauntered over to the bunch of displays and took some time to read those stuffs up (instead of ogling at girls). Well, to my surprise, it's actually kinda cool. I figured out those posters are actually in Bee Em ! Bahasa Melayu !

And I was baffled at the ke-canggih-ness of the Bee Em on those posters. The messages, they're so professionally written. But then after studying it for a while, I began to wonder. These messages ... who are the intended audiences ? Well generally, to the public ... of course. But those that are exposed to the risks of AIDS, are mostly people who adopts whoring as their favourite past time... gay dudes who gets impaled frequently by schlongs... drug addicts ... basically, those who's not very bright academically.

If you get my drift, you would have realized that mostly these people, they're in no position to understand the messages on these posters at all. Words like "zakar", "sel" or perhaps "keimunan" - they're simply too complex for them to understand. Like, how could you expect primary school dropouts & uneducated junkies to understand such canggih words ? What's a "faraj" ? I have a friend named Fardan ler... could Faraj be his brother ? So on.

They'll probably go through a couple of lines, then walk the fuck off. That means, those awareness campaign posters would be good for nothing.

So ..that prompted me to ask... what could be a more effective way to convey these informative messages to those that in need of the knowledge ? The answer is - Bahasa Pasar. Colloquial language and slangs. The junkies and ass fuckers knew it like the back of their hands. That's their spoken language and primary form of communication. Like... what could be better than to communicate with them in their own language ?

I was thinking, if the government could hand out free condoms and needles for these people ... why can't they print posters with Bahasa Pasar messages to suit their needs ? Here's an example how it could have been done ...


Woi ! Pukimak lu orang ! Tau ka apa tu AIDS ?? Tak tau kalu... dengar. Sudah tau kalu, main jauh-jauh... GEDEBUSHHHH

Ni AIDS ... bukan nama awek. Tapi sejenis penyakit cilakak tarak ubat mia. Dia masuk sama lu punya badan, kasi itu power lingkup... and bikin lu mia badan tarak defend. Tarak defend kalu ... maknanya ... kamu kena apa-apa pukimak mia sakit, pun tak boleh sembuh lar tu.

Since ini AIDS tarak ubat, apa yang you orang boleh bikin, ialah control you punya kelakuan ler... Kata orang, ini penyakit moral... So kat sini, nak bagi kau orang tau sikit, apa macam ini AIDS merebak. Penyakit kaliampun ni, merebak melalui 3 cara:

1) Kongkek tarak betuih
AIDS boleh merebak melalui itu cheebye mia kuah ... masuk sama lu mia luncheow. Kalau you tak pasti sama you mia markah bersih ka tarak, lebih baik jangan syiok-syiok kongkek. Itu ayam-ayam, bohsia-bohsia, binatang-binatang, jembalang-jembalang ataupun you mia pondan mia markah... lebih baik jangan kacau. Kalau tak leh tahan, kongkek guna kondom. Kalau tarak kondom... guna beg plastik hitam tong sampah ... ataupun guna belon pun boleh gak. Tapi kalau yang itu pun tarak, lebih baik suruh you mia partner hisap... ataupun goncang sendiri dalam tandas ... (ingat, jangan hisap dekat Singapura !)

2)Darah transfer
Itu darah transfer pun boleh kena AIDS. Tarak peduli sama ada you mia makwe gigit kotek you luka dan sembur darah masuk ke ... atau pun you kongsi cucuk jarum sama itu hisap dadah mia orang ke ... semua pun boleh kena. Kalau you cucuk jarum dadah, you mesti mau ingat guna itu baru punya jarum. (adalah lebih baik jangan hisap dadah...). Kalau makwe cuba nak gigit, terajang & sepak sama dia sampai gigi patah.

3) Bini bunting, anak kena
Haa.. bila you keluar kongkek sama ayam, balik rumah kongkek bini ... bini bunting... lu mia anak pun akan kena jugak (bini pun kena sekali... jahanam keluarga). You sama bini bungkus cukuplah, tapi apasai mau kasi you mia anak susah ? Ni kera pun tak bikin ini macam sama dia mia family. Kalau sudah kongkek sama ayam, adalah lebih baik kamu pegi check sama you mia doktor sebelum kongkek - sama ada you kena AIDS ke tidak. Ataupun, you boleh guna itu bukak durian mia pisau... dan penggal kepala hotak hang (niiii gerenti bini tak kena).

tapi, engkorang semua toksah panik... AIDS ni, tidak merebak melalui air liur. You boleh cium/jilat sama you mia bini ataupun makwe, it's ok. AIDS juga tidak boleh merebak melalui sentuhan. Maknanya, you boleh raba sama apa-apa makhluk yang kamu stim, steady mia... (tapi mesti ingat, kena tanya dulu, takut masuk lokap). Dan akhir sekali, AIDS juga tidak boleh rebak melalui you mia air kencing ataupun taik. You boleh bau atau main sama depa ... gerenti selamat.



I guess I wasn't that good in my Bahasa Pasar either. Perhaps someone can come up with an even more awesome version of it. But hey, what the fuck, as long as the message gets across. It's all for the good of the people (now you know, this site is not ALL EVIL...)

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Going Home - Air Asia

In case you are curious how we got home. Heh...



We were very luck that day, as there was this particular rare cloud formation seen from the window afar.


Our Guide and The Driver

You know, meeting them makes you feel glad. Feeling glad because you know in this world, there are still people whom genuinely want to make you feel at home at their country.

We have been to numerous places throughout the years, and whenever we think about taking up tours, we are like a deflated balloons. Too many unproductive shopping tours that I deemed "The Slaughter House", too many untold fees that were charged upon us. So, we wasn't really expecting too much when I contacted Noi, our tour guide for her service.


She runs a small humble private tour business, and we have been very comfortable with her service. The van the driver drove was a very comfortable 10 people seating one too.

It is the small little things that count. She took us out for dinner (paid ourselves), despite it was way pass the time to send us back to the hotel. She let the driver stop us at the roadside sampling all the snacks, fruits sold sold along to way to Chiang Rai. And the night before we go back, she and the driver brought us to a local market so we can stock our luggage with good Mangoes and Oranges.

We feel very welcome at her presence. Noi and the driver (Thep) was a friend to us.

Look for them if you are ever there

(T.A.T. LINCESE NO.23-0706)
TEL 01-8828348, 01-9603329
FAX. 053-387058

Monday, December 19, 2005

Foods - Stuffs that we tried here.

A trip wouldn't be complete if there isn't any good food sampling ain't it?

Here are some of the good stuffs we managed to eat while we were there.

Good O'l Tom Yam

And be cooled down with sweet tasting coconut juice!

Kalacs, that is what it is called. A Hungarian fare. I thought it was a type of tea when reading the menu. Eat that in Airport Plaza.

Various juice concentrate made from scratch. Very authentic. Get that from the food street near Night bazaar

Pork balls in spicy fish sauce. Made from scratch. Available at the food street too.

Bamboo rice dessert. I tell you, this is good. They mix the sticky rice with coconut milk, sugar, red beans. Stuffed inside the small bamboo and BBQ it. It look white because they have taken out the burn outer skin. When eating, just peel of the protecting layer like a banana.

Dining at open air, after visiting Doi Inthanon highest peak. Pretty cold that day.

A visit to the local market that open 24hours.


Insect snack bites, anyone?

Bought some very tasty dessert from the market. The red fruit like, actually is lotus paste wrapped with a red jelly membrane. Yum!

Doi Suthep

At the center court of the Doi Suthep Temple

Despite that our trip to Doi Inthanon ended at around 3pm, Noi was glad to bring us to this temple on our way back to Chiang Mai.

It is a small little temple high up on the hill, about 40 min away from Chiang Mai town center. Many years ago people actually need to climb all the way up there, at about 250+ of steps. But now, we got up there easily with a Thai custom designed slanted lift (very unique).

Gold, that is the feelings this place gave me. A very formal feeling.






Doi Inthanon

There are nothing really much here, if you seen it in Cameron Highland Malaysia, you most likely will see about the same thing here.

Of course, except the fact that the thai government actually took a very good care of Doi Inthanon National Park.

At the highest point of Doi Inthanon, also the highest point of Chiang Mai. At 2600+ meters above sea level

You don't get to see any large scale resorts occupying the beautiful scenery here. I got to feel that I was back in Grampian actually. This is a very nicely preserved park. In order, and clean.

There is also this certain Canadian named McWilliams that devoted his whole life in setting up the park. He designed the beautiful stretch of board walk too.



At the temple commemorating the 60th birthday of His Majesty the King of Thailand.

Like a palace in the sky. With clouds way below it.

One of the larger waterfall around the national park. Very sloppy, wading not allowed

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Golden Triangle

This is a very very strange place. That is all I can describe about this area.

So famous around the world, but in reality, this place look so isolated, so dead. There is hardly any large prominent buildings around here, except the newly constructed golden buddha statue, and the casino.

I told you, there is nothing here. Can you tell which side is Burma, and which side is Loas?


Yes, a casino. This controversial place has a casino that very few people know. It is not too big a place, but serve the purpose for people around Laos, Thailand, Burma to gamble. Even the land that it sits on is debatable on which country it should be belong to.

The Casino

Another highlight of this trip was that we were able to get up to Laos side. There is this small little market area set up, just selling simple souvinirs to the tourist. My sister actually had time to write a postcard, and posted from here back to US at 45 bath.



Chiang Rai

Brr... it can be quite cold in the mornings in Chiang Mai during winter times. And that is even more true, as we travel up north for a day trip to Chiang Rai and the Golden Triangle.

Apparently the old Thai Kingdom use to has its administration back then in Chiang Rai, before they move down to Chiang Mai due to risk of being invaded by Burma and Laos. Thus the name Chiang Rai means "Old Chiang City" while Chiang Mai means "New Chiang City"


At the orange grove along the way to Chiang Rai

It is a long long drive there, took us about 3 and half hours. Fortunately, the journey there offers a lot of interesting site seeing. We got to sample sold at so many road side stalls: Stopped by at the Orange Groove for oranges, then bought the Taiwanese pears planted locally at one point, had chance to eat the bamboo sticky rice dessert (YUM!), honey-sweet pineapples. So, it wasn't so boring after all.


Stopped by at a hotspring

Finally arrived at Mae Sai

At the controversial border checkpoint between Thailand and Burma. Loads of gem shop here.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Chiang Mai Night Market / Bazaar

Staying in Dusit's Royal Princess was actually a very good choice. Massage parlours were abundant just right outside on the same street.

Every night, this place sprung to life with hundreds of stalls selling various knick-knacks along the street side walk. There is even a night bazaar in the food street near the hotel. Things here are much cheaper compare to Bangkok when I went there earlier this year.


There are quite things that are of local flavor too. Costume jewelleries that you can't find in Bangkok, unique souvinirs, food stuffs. It is a great place to spend nights here with.

Various pictures on the first day.


Tuk tuk - They are everywhere!!


At Wat Chiang Man - The oldest temple in Chiang Mai


The old inner city still has part of these city war circulating around it. It is about 700 years old now.

At the Airport Plaza eating this strange looking cylindrical shaped bread known as "Kalacs"

Friday, December 16, 2005

Chiang Mai - Chiang Rai Here we come


Wah, can't wait to get to this mysterious place for a long weekend. I have hear about this place so many times but have yet to go there. I want to try the Northern cuisine, which apparently can be quite different from the Bangkok style. I can't wait to see what's the hype about the golden triangle

Read about my trip here:

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  • Chiang Rai
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  • Doi Inthanon National Park
  • Doi Suthep Temple
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  • Pre-Christmas Dinner

    We bunch of ex-monash biotech girls (only 5 of us) wanted reason to get together and drink booze. And so, someone came up with the idea of celebrating Christmas.

    One miserable Christmas Tree to celebrate this jolly season

    So, went to one of our friend place and she was so nice to prepare good wine *Hic* and good food for the night.

    Oh, sweet Pris for preparing such scumptious dinner

    Armed with my pathetic Nokia 6610i, actually manage to take some decent pictures out of it. Haha...

    In case you are not sure what's on the dinner table, we had Grilled Chicken, Tuna Potato & Apple Salad, Spaghetti with Chicken Bolognaise.

    We had gift exchange too. Guess what I've got? But two pairs of Odd colored christmas socks. Ha!

    Thank Pris for the great night!

    Sunday, December 11, 2005

    Guang Ming Daily: Series on Abused Animals

    How many time have yourself oogles as these cute little puppies when you went shopping at those big pet shops in Malls? They look ever so innocent, and they seemed to easy going, friendly. Dogs are forever human's best friend, and so they say.

    Guys, they buy the dog for their beloved girl friend in hope that would pose themselves as a lovable as these furry friends.

    Girls, they bought it because they feel their suddenly maternal instinct need to be filled by taking care of animals.

    Well, babies are still out of the questions because of present law regulation on human right. Hamsters are too small to stimulate any sort of excitement. But dogs, no rigid laws has been put up for protecting these animals right, and they seemed clever enough for people. That is the reason making dogs to be a hot item as pets.

    You may have a lot of money and you can buy the whole world, which includes these furry ones too. But successful relationship with them comes with a different price to pay too -- Your love and you time.

    Here is 5 different case of abused animals, highlighted by Guang Ming Daily. I am not sure about you, but I cried a little when I see how they have suffer due to human negligance.

    Case 1
    A mixed breed Spitz used to live very happily with its master, a young chinese lad. But one day, it was hit by a car. The owner did not even bother to send it to vet for treatment. Soon enough maggots start to eats through its flesh.

    The owner decided to put it into a gunny sack, all tied up, and deserted it at the road side! Although in great pain, the dog manage to make small noise, attracted attention of passerbys. It was sent to the SPCA, and put to sleep because of old age and infections.

    Case 2
    Bull mastiff was once a very sought after pure breed in the market. This puppy's mother was bought by a British expatriate and made to breed like a pig!

    This puppy, together on their siblings had their tail cut off by tying a rubber band to restrict book flow to the tail. So much so eventually it falls off by itself. They were planned to being sold off at the high price to the market outside.

    After being rescued, its siblings and mother was put to sleep due to terrible infections on them. While this dog was put to sleep later because no ones want to adopt him.

    Case 3
    Cute as this dog might seem, but life has not been easy for it. It was left at a run down shopping mall in Ampang Jaya just when it was born.

    One day, while it was on its usual round to find for food, a bunch a Malay students came to tease the dogs. The teasing soon became a terrible torment as they start stomping it, throwing stones to it, beating the dogs.

    It just bled so much, and lied there helplessly. For a while, it thought it is time to see its dead mother soon.

    Fortunately, an indian couple pass by saw the inccidently. They chase away the Malay students and send it to the SPCA. Later it was being adopted by a family in Klang and living there happily ever after.

    Case 4
    A mixed breed dog that hangs around in Selayang area. She use to get regular feeding a from nice young man everyday. One day, a woman came teasing her babies when she was feeding. Alarm for her puppies safety, she bit the woman. While the woman ran home bleeding, her husband cameby later and bashed the dog up. She was beaten so badly, and only be left alone because he thought the dog died.

    The young man that feed her came to the rescue, while the SPCA was called by the public. Later the young man send her and the puppies to SPCA so these dogs can get good shelter and medical treatment.

    Case 5
    Situated at Kepong Manjalara, is where SPCA rescued this poor Dalmation.

    Her owner is a busy working class and has no time for her. She might appear to look adorable, which most likely is the factor she was taken at the first place, but in reality her life was far from being glamorous.

    Most of the time she was left tied the way shown on the picture, no where to walk to. The only relieave is that the maid still feed her regularly. She cries when the hot sun burn her skin everyday, and she shivers when rains beats onto her. But one one in this world cared for her.

    A caring public tooked her picture and sent to SPCA. It lead to SPCA writing the owner a mail advising him to stop abusing the Dalmation. The owner was furious at first, but realise the truth only when he saw the pictures of the dog on days when he was not around.

    Feeling ashame of it, he gave the dog away to a family that has more love and time for her.



    Do you have a dog? Are you already feeling ashame that you have not been paying much attention to them as compare to when you first got it? DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT NOW, because guilt and remorse set it later if you don't.

    Do you want to have a dog? Why promote inhuman commercial breeders growth, instead of adopting from SPCA? They are cute, adorable, and they want your love just as much too.

    Come and look for your pets here:

    (was blogged in on December 11, 05)

    Thursday, December 08, 2005

    Where is your soul?

    I have bought a book "Concentrate on Time Being: (当下, 把心放下) written by this Taiwanese writer He Quan Feng (何权锋) from Popular bookstore (RM34.90). Previouesly I've read his other book "Where does my love go wrong" (我的爱错在哪里), which I happened to chant it as my regular mantra these days. Concentrating on how to make the most of this lifetime, this book had me ponder on another aspect of my life.

    Here is an excerpt of it, from the first entry:

    Where is your soul?

    A few days ago, one of a corporate lady manager came to me in worry.

    She said in a worrisome voice:"When I am working, my mind is always thinking about what's going on back at home; Yet when I am back at home, I begin to think about work that is waiting for me in the office... what can I do about this??"

    Another students so happened to have a similar problem too. It seems that exams are getting nearer, but he always seemed to have his mind at somewhere else.

    He asked me:" I am in a lot of depression and worries, my most significant problem is that -- I know this girl, and when I am with her, I think about the exams which are around the corner; But when I am studying, I just can't seemed to stop thinking about her. What is wrong with me?"

    Well, in reality, these sort of situation seemed to occur ever so often. When you are attending classes, you think about things you want to do when school finished. But when you got out from school, then your mind start to wander back to things happened in class; When you are working, you planned about what to do when the clock struck 5, yet when you are done from work, you think about what to do for work the next day...... People just never seemed to "Be In" where they are most of the time.

    Have you ever notice that you never seemed to pay attention to that someone you are meeting, or that someone that you are talking to? Were you thinking about something else? When you are on holiday, you sit in the car, sit on a plane, sitting at the place where your dream vacation is, is your heart, your soul, your mind really there at the same time as well?

    You go to work, attending classes, but was your heart there at the same time? Or has it gone wandering somewhere else?

    You seemed to lost concentration, that is because you have never "Be In" where you are suppose to be at that moment, that place itself. You are a splitted, your mind and your soul goes on a totally different direction. That is the why you are always not yourself, always in worry.

    When you are at home, you can only be at home. You cannot go to study at the same time, nor can you prepare for exams. This is a very simple reasoning. But you never seemed to stop thinking about things you cannot do. That is how all your problems evolved, understand??

    You were never living at that particular time being. When you are wholely being at where you are, you will be fully relaxed, and be very glad about that moment you are in; You are always worry and jittery, that must be due to the fact you have never been acknowledging the moment that you are in now.

    The only way to solve this problem, it to let go. Yes. Only when you let go your heart, then you can let go all your problems.

    Sunday, December 04, 2005

    A very nice weekend outing

    Awww... what a nice weekend out. This is what I call a dream weekend date.

    Went out for a gym workout with Mark at Curve, then had a nice long facial session at Clarins Wellness Center. I bought the special package with Clarins when they first launch their facial center some months ago.

    I really adore the session. Felt very relax, and the beautician was very professional. Can see myself glowing with radiance after the session. Their product smell nice too.

    After that, we decided we should celebrate the night out by driving all the way to Marriot Putrajaya for a nice buffet.

    Pricing at RM55++, I find the buffet quite okay. Not the best, Mark and I had better ones at Equatorial Bangi (cheaper actually). But I forgive them since that they actually dished out frech oysters and mussels for us. Hahaha...

    Dessert is no good. Main course is not too special as well. But they had coffee all you can drink, churned out from fresh beans.

    Our nice evening then end with a nice slow drive around Putrajaya. I never get tired with the beautiful night skyline of Putrajaya. What more the drive was accompanied by a nice guy, with nice songs from Light & Easy FM.