Sunday, July 23, 2006

Jogoya Starhill, Bukit Bintang

Yum! Yum! Yum!


Got a treat by dad to Jogoya again today. Muahahaha... and gosh, even High tea session now must pay RM68++ already. Dinner was like RM88++ and Lunch RM78++. Jogoya certainly is getting more and more expensive with that price that they are charging.

Nonetheless, dad decided to give a treat to his hardworking staffs as well. So, there we go to Jogoya for high tea (lasting from 2pm to 4pm).

So much food to choose from, not sure where to start at.



You can eat the buffet stuffs like sushi, steam xiao long pau. If not, then you can take those cute lil clips on your table and put them at sections offering stir fried delicacies. After about 10 minutesor so, fresh cooked ordered food will be delivered to you right to your table.



I particularly enjoyed eating this claypot cooking at that small stove on every table. You should try it out too when you are there the next time.


After a big helping on eat meal, you could proceed to great selection of desserts for a sweet ending. There are regular cheese cakes, variety of pudding, fresh baked cookies, ice creams, fresh coffee churned out from bean.




It is a nice place to get talking and eating with your close friends, if you have the amount of $$ to spend that is. :P . Food wise, you pretty much get accustomed to the variety after going there for few times. Quality of food in my opinion is fair, as there are definately better food outside there. But Jogoya definately able to give you a better ambient for a great dinning session.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Finally... all posts on Australia trip ready

Finally got all the posts on my trip to Hobart, as well as Melbourne trip up.

To read the whole trip, click to HERE

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Yawn! Going home now...

Gosh, had to wake up at 4am this morning, and woke Mark up at the same time so he could send me to the airport. I had a flight at 10.10am in Melbourne Airport to catch this morning.'

Finally now I have arrived from Hobart to melbourn and had my bags all safely checked in. Was very lucky because the luggages weigh totalled up 32kg or so, when my luggage allowance was only 20kg. The guy at the coutner that checked me in was very reluctant to do so, from the way I see. Hehehe...

Anyway, it is very sad that my week long holiday here at Hobart has finally ended. I wish I could come back to Hobart again sometime soon! I want to eat the fresh salmon that is abundant in the market as well as fresh seafood from the market.

I shall not forget the beautiful Mount Wellington as well, also the fact that the wind there almost blew me off at one point in time!!

Till then, I am signing off here. Will catch my flight in a bit!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Food I have here at Hobart

Started off my existence here at Hobart, with a rather authentic Hainanese Chicken Rice, but at a typical gwailo Roast Chicken Shop. Apparently it was opened by a Malaysian. Eat this at Sandy Bay Road's Roost.


Roost claim to have the best chip in town, mainly because they used chicken seasoning salt into it. You be the judge.


Some of the days, we cooked at home. Fresh food are abundant here, and definately cheaper to eat at home.

What's in Mark's hand??? See See See... it is a large 3.7kg Fresh Atlantic Salmon. Paid like AUD$50+ for it!!


So, we had it in sashimi without wasthing time.


Was lucky to get some large juicy scallops here as well. Mark cooked it with brocollies and mushroom. It taste absolutely brillaint.



We also had this nice Steak Diane for dinner as well on one of the night.


On one of those time we went to Richmond, we tasted some very authentic bread and butter pudding, as well as delicious scones. Feel very homey here in this Maze cafe.


Coming back from Port Arthur, we went straight back to Hobart for dinner at this firewood pizza join.


It's call Sandy Bay Beach Firewood Pizza.


We had a Satay Chicken Pizza, as well as Atlantic Salmon Pizza. I thought it wasn't bad.



Of course, I wouldn't forget the nice beers we tasted at Cascade Brewery.


Sausage bread, a fairly common offer at the Salamanca Market.


A day at Salamanca Market and City

You can't say you have been to Hobart as a tourist if you have not been to the Salamanca Market open every Saturday.



Hmm... pretty small market, and very touristy. Things here are not so cheap to buy really. Just sampled some food here and there.




Decided to grab something to eat. And we had a sausage from this stall.




Then went wealking around in the city. The city is really small.... gives me a feeling of a shrunk Melbourne City? Haha... well, Hobart has its own beauty as well, there is generally less traffic around the area. One thing for sure, parking around here is extremely expensive on weekday, and hard to find as well.




Later on, went to the Tasmania Museum. Didn't take any pictures, but the free admission make the visit quite worthwhile. They have this small little corner on the upstair dedicated to the Antartica Research. Little that people know that Hobart is where one of the Ice-breaker ship -- Aurora Australis sail to the antartica for research purposes.



Should go there if you have time.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Cascade Brewery - Australia oldest

The only reason I got to know Cascade brewery is from the fact that I like their Ginger Beer.


Besides that, I know it is the oldest in Australia.


You will be surprises that there are many things here that is Australia oldest. Therefore sometime I do wonder, does it make this place boring at all... I mean, the expert always say, there shall be no new things if the old stuffs never get replaced. Haha...


Anyway, let's just get back to the tour.

I paid AUD$15 as an visitor, while Mark paid AUD$10 as a student. So, we were given a tour around the hold buildings and process of making beer.




I have been to Malaysia Anchor Brewery before, thus I sort of know how beer brewing works. After coming to here, I rediscover how Cascade has brought beer brewing to a whole new level. The meticulous process that they strongly emphasized, so as to produce the best beer around the region.

This, in return, actually make Cascade beer as a top of the line beer and more expensive to drink till drunk.

But, for a ticket of AUD$15, we were given 3 tasting of different kind of beers. So Mark and I really tought the price wasn't bad.




Hobart Cadbury Factory - A place that I don't want to be




Seriously, chocolate eating is really not my kind of thing. Eating chocolates made by Cadbury is actually a torture me. Yet I had to make this trip, otherwise I would be considered as "Not been there in Tasmania" yet. You see...


Cool, we load ourselves with freddo chocolate while waiting for our turn for the trip

At AUD$12.50, I think the ticket wasn't so bad. At the end of the trip, we were given a small box of chocolate as our souvinirs. Haha...


The smell of this factory, is too chocolately to my taste. I think I prefer the yeast smell from the Cascade brewery better.

Anyway, sorry for not much pics, as camera was not allowed inside the factory.