Saturday, July 01, 2006

There is a reason why Utas fee is so cheap

I mean, look at this place, everything is so organized here. Great scenery, good education, old prestigeous school. Why would a great place like this charge a fee so cheap???

But of course -- The hilly surrounding.


If you think studying around Cameron Highlands is bad, then this whole place is much much worst. To walk from one building to another, there is just too much slope and stair case to tackle.


Apparently one asian student was trying to convinced his father to get him a car without success. Thus for one semester, he decided to invite his parent over for a holiday, and join him for class on one of the day. Next thing is that, the father agrees with the whole idea of getting car with no second thoughts.


There is just too much hills around here to my liking. Then again, if you have a car it would be much better. I am having an impression that break pad business here must be soaring like nothing. Most of the time, the slope around will be of more than 30 degree inclination. I just cannot imagine myself having to walk up these hills on an exceptionally cold day.


Perhaps at then I shall be cursing wondering why on earth I choose to live like this? I wouldn't know. But for now, I kinda like this whole hilly set up with no commitment to it.

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