Saturday, July 01, 2006

Arriving at Tasmania

My heart beats faster, as the plane decended to Hobart city. It is just 4.30pm but the sky seemed as dark as 7.30pm in KL city. I can see from the window that it has been raining.

"Hmmm... it must be cold outside now" I struddered.

But I am very excited to be here, and I know Mark will be waiting out there somewhere for me.

I miss him... its been 3 months I've not seen him. I cannot help but wonder if he has been well. Somehow I know he will be, because he is always the fighter.

From Melbourne Tullamarine, I bid my brother farewell and got onto Jetstar, took a 1 hour flight to Hobart airport. It feels just like how it is for us Malaysian to take the Airasia. At it best, the air hostess was trying to offer us portable video/audio entertainment device as an inflight entertainment, with a small fee. I actually thought it was not a bad idea.



Ah... as I approached arrival hall, I searched high and low for the bus driver that Mark promised will bring me to the place where he stay. And then I spotted this familiar figure sitting at one site of the corner.

It is Mark! I quickly smiled and walked to him. He squeezed one cheeky face as he realised I came. We had a quick peck with our lips together and got my bags.

Hmmm... he seemed alright. I thought myself.

And so, we begin to our journey back to the Utas hostel here. Yawn...

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