Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Port Arthur & Tasmania National Park

Weather become one of the issue to consider on when going for sight seeing outdoor.

It is that way when we decided to go to Port Arthur this morning.


The sky seemed rather cloudy, and thus making the sea look pretty gloomy as well. Don't quite like it, since it is making our outing a little depress as well.


It took us nearly 1 hour to drive there, and stopping at McDonalds along the way for lunch. 1 whole hour to drive, despite we can see the place from Mount Wellington. The reason is that road to get to Port Arthur needs to build along the coastal way, as between Hobart and Port Arthur, they are divided by few coastal bays.



Because of this natural settings, beautiful landscape exist along the drive. We stopped at the Tasmania National Park lookout and took these pics.



As for Port Arthur heritage site, is really a former ground for Australia oldest jail. This is one of those place where the pitiful brits can deported to from England during the 1800's. They all get send to this place just because of petty crimes. Some heavy ones are sent to as well.


We paid like AUD$25 for adult and AUD$20 for student to get into this place. Fortunately at this time, the sun start to come out. Manage to take some nice pics around.


It is quite a small place, and mostly self sustain, with farm, hospital, church, council.



Our ticket is included with a short boat ride as well, pretty much just circling around that small bit of cove in front of the Port Arthur.




All in all, there is much to see here, so I guess I won't really come here again if I ever go to Hobart again.

After the Port Arthur heritage site, we went to Remarkable cave. It is quite a remarkable site, as the cave opens up to the sea, and seawaves wash in and out of it repeatedly. Perhaps when I have time, I will include the short movie I tooked with the camera.





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