Sunday, July 02, 2006

Hobart City at a glance.

Before I came here, I have tried to find as much information as I can about Hobart city. Partly because I was actually planning to come here to study as well together with Mark. Apart knowing that the whole place was built on a hilly surrounding, as it is very secluded from the mainland, I really have no idea what Hobart has to offer.

All I think about is that -- Hobart must be a very backward "town"

Laid back it might be, but Hobart is certainly not left behind in many things.

After being here for just one day, I have already fell deeply in love with this place. Of course, my love for Melbourne will not be moved, but Hobart itself has so much to offer as well.



It is hard to describe in one phrase why I change my view about Hobart.


Perhaps it is the picturasque setting of the city, whereby the hills that overlook the beautiful Derwent River as well as the majestic Tasman Bridge.


Or perhaps it might be the old buildings that is still preserved nicely as ever, dotting around the city. It could just as well the locals that called themselves Tassie, being so friendly that moved me greatly.


But all in all, Hobart has take my heart away.



Never in my life I would imagine to be able to be apart of a beautiful place like this, abeit just for one week.


And for now, I will not have to imagine the happiness felt when waking up to the great river view everyday, because I am in one now. Haha...

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