Monday, July 23, 2007

Misc - Glutinous Rice Ball Dessert at Soya Shop

We come here from time to time for a nice bowl of Glutinous rice balls filled with chocolate fillings. It taste very well when it's eaten together with the unsweetened soya milk (by request). The glutinous rice ball comes in other variety as well (red bean, lotus, coconut), which I presume they are actually all self made rather than from the factory.



This organic soya shop has other interesting items too, for example, we tried this longan with cold taufu fa the other day. Even the soya milk they sell taste different too. It doesn't have the usual soybean taste, but instead taste more like milk. Not sure how they do it.


But the price is not cheap, 4 glutinous rice ball with soya milk for RM2.50, One glass of soya milk for RM2.00, and forgot how much that longan taufu fa cost.

How to find The Soya Shop:

The Curve, Lower Ground Floor (same floor with Uncle Chow and Bread Story), at the other end nearer to Ikea side.

Try going before 9pm as things get sold out after that, who knows you might not get to try the chocolate filled rice balls...

At KL Sentral this evening.


Was rushing to KL Sentral in Brickfields after work earlier on this evening. Had to get an air ticket done for a customer last minute, so there is really no other way but doing it personally in MAS office.

After that I decided to get a quick bite at the Nelson shop just nearby. While waiting, I was a little taken back with a young guy pulling this blind young man stomped right in front of me at the counter. The young guy say "Here you go, this is the shop" and he left...

The blind man was a little confused not sure where he is, and he asked if he can get an ice cream.

Everyone kinda just stop doing whatever they were doing earlier on, as they were not sure how to deal with him just yet.

The Malay lady that man the Nelson's told him to go over to the Mc Donald's next door. There he went poking his stick at everyone, trying to find out where McDonald's really is... eventually there was this bitter looking lady, rather shy, she brought him to there just few steps away.

While he was trying to figure out what he wants, the que behind got longer, there was this trendy looking Malay girl, was this tall and well built guy, aunty as well... Nontheless the McD's staffs were patient too waiting to help him. Not only that, the people lining up behind is just as patient too althought they seemed wanting to go somewhere else from Sentral in a hurry.

It was at that moment I feel that there is warmth and care within our fellow Malaysians. Even in mid of rushing, they still have time for people that are less fortunate than ourselves. By giving them time, and patience, isn't that enough to show we are not as cold as perceived, since we live in this fast paced metropolitan?

It really doesn't matter what race we are, where we originate from, but as long as we have patience, tolerance for each other, I think this place will have hope to become a better place.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

ABC in Tanjung Aru, Kota Kinabalu

You might wonder what is so nice about this ABC in Tanjung Aru, Kota Kinabalu Sabah...

Well... there is really nothing so special really... KEKE...


But except the fact that at RM3.50 the price is good with the presentation of this ABC. Taste not bad too... since they used a lot of home made ingredients (fresh melon, corn flakes, soft red bean...) yum...

Should try it at Tanjung Aru Stall No.7 is you are there next time.

After that, can walk on the beach as it is a very flat clean beach. Many people hang around there playing volleyballs under the newly installed spotlights. It is very relaxing and safe place in my opinion. Near by is the Shangri-la resort, as well as the new airport terminal 2 (meant for Air Asia).

Saturday, July 14, 2007

MLTR in Genting




I think eventually this concert turn into a "Thousand-people-Sing-a-long" sort of Karaoke... So much so even I didn't realise myself know most of the song from Michael Learns To Rock... even my mom got carried away by all the nice songs (e.g. Paint my love, Sleeping child, Strange foreign beauty, etc.) She was seen unknowingly swinging her hand together with the crowd singing too... HMMMM... a little scarry... keke...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Not been blogging often enough recently. Do excuse me if you feel that you reload this site quite enough of times only to find there is still no changes.

Maybe it is a good sign, but for the first time after hanging around in this office so long I finally begin to get something selling. It is strange but when inquiries start coming it, they come pouring. Probably it is due to the 9th Malaysia Plan just started last year, and our dearest customers are feeling a little loaded when come to getting stuffs for themselves.

Not been blogging often, probably also due to the fact that I have not been traveling lately. In fact I've planned to travel a little less as I thought I should work a little harder by taking less rest? :P

Been shopping around lately for cars. I just found that my 2001 Proton Iswara Aeroback actually worth like RM10K while after 6 years of repayment, I still owe the bank RM7500!!! Which in turn means I only am getting RM2500 back if I sell my old junk away. Mark is still around so I decided to start shopping with him before I invest anymore into this dark hole, money trap, blah blah blah watever you calling it.

What car am I buying??? Kekekeke... I won't tell just yet. Other wise you won't reload my site often MARRR~ Do tune in hor...

Thursday, July 05, 2007

中国娃娃 - 我是蛋

This song is evil... it has been lingering around in my mind as long as I can remember... So I am posting here to let it linger on your mind too... kih kih...

我是蛋 (I AM AN EGG)
中国娃娃 (万岁万岁万万岁)


Listen to the original song at: