Monday, July 23, 2007

Misc - Glutinous Rice Ball Dessert at Soya Shop

We come here from time to time for a nice bowl of Glutinous rice balls filled with chocolate fillings. It taste very well when it's eaten together with the unsweetened soya milk (by request). The glutinous rice ball comes in other variety as well (red bean, lotus, coconut), which I presume they are actually all self made rather than from the factory.



This organic soya shop has other interesting items too, for example, we tried this longan with cold taufu fa the other day. Even the soya milk they sell taste different too. It doesn't have the usual soybean taste, but instead taste more like milk. Not sure how they do it.


But the price is not cheap, 4 glutinous rice ball with soya milk for RM2.50, One glass of soya milk for RM2.00, and forgot how much that longan taufu fa cost.

How to find The Soya Shop:

The Curve, Lower Ground Floor (same floor with Uncle Chow and Bread Story), at the other end nearer to Ikea side.

Try going before 9pm as things get sold out after that, who knows you might not get to try the chocolate filled rice balls...

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