Monday, July 23, 2007

At KL Sentral this evening.


Was rushing to KL Sentral in Brickfields after work earlier on this evening. Had to get an air ticket done for a customer last minute, so there is really no other way but doing it personally in MAS office.

After that I decided to get a quick bite at the Nelson shop just nearby. While waiting, I was a little taken back with a young guy pulling this blind young man stomped right in front of me at the counter. The young guy say "Here you go, this is the shop" and he left...

The blind man was a little confused not sure where he is, and he asked if he can get an ice cream.

Everyone kinda just stop doing whatever they were doing earlier on, as they were not sure how to deal with him just yet.

The Malay lady that man the Nelson's told him to go over to the Mc Donald's next door. There he went poking his stick at everyone, trying to find out where McDonald's really is... eventually there was this bitter looking lady, rather shy, she brought him to there just few steps away.

While he was trying to figure out what he wants, the que behind got longer, there was this trendy looking Malay girl, was this tall and well built guy, aunty as well... Nontheless the McD's staffs were patient too waiting to help him. Not only that, the people lining up behind is just as patient too althought they seemed wanting to go somewhere else from Sentral in a hurry.

It was at that moment I feel that there is warmth and care within our fellow Malaysians. Even in mid of rushing, they still have time for people that are less fortunate than ourselves. By giving them time, and patience, isn't that enough to show we are not as cold as perceived, since we live in this fast paced metropolitan?

It really doesn't matter what race we are, where we originate from, but as long as we have patience, tolerance for each other, I think this place will have hope to become a better place.

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