Monday, March 21, 2005

Some Indian B*tch She Is! (Part 4)

Something very shameful happened to this bitch last week!

Class was over for her on Friday and she was still driving her kancil. Parking at the her favourite spot (because everyone else can see it), she invited two friends to ride with her. She wanted to give them a ride so that she can flaunt her car.

As she was about to drive out to the main road at Jalan 222 from the guard house, car rushed in front and stopped there. Two men stepped out from the car and approached her. She wasn't quite sure what was happening, fear started to show on her face.

One of the then said to her, that she must surrender her car now. They produced a letter from the bank and told her that they must take the car as she has not settle her car loan for few months.

She refused to surrendered her keys after that. Instead of feeling frigthened, she retaliated by quarelling and negotiating with the two men for a long period of time. This only draw more observers around. So much for posing a rich and well to do person. Chinese idiom once says "Puching oneself, to pretend a well to do fat ass"

Guess what else she did? She thought this is one of Yan's doin, that is calling the thugs to disturb her in public. To know more about Yan, refer to part 3 of the story. This woman, started to call Yan on the telephone, shouted at her, even threaten her. Yan was like half blurr wondering what is that all about.

Apparently, the husband and wife's plan was that, since they know they are going to sell the car soon, they've decided not to dump more installments into the loan so at the end they will loose less money. What they did not know is that, the bank is very observative on non performing loans. They have send the duo notices to remind them about the loan but they just ignore them. The bank then send the car repocessing people to tail the wife for quite sometime, before they decide that it was the best time to strike onto her.

But at the end, she nonetheless has to give away her car. How did she went back home? Asking a ride from another friend to the nearest bus station.

Some Indian B*tch She Is! (Part 3)

Some months ago, there is this girl call Yan whom is Mark classmate, sold some used textbooks to the Indian Woman for RM200. Recently over the lunch table, Yan told Mark that the indian bitch has not pay her after so many months. Mark thinks that the bitch must be pulling a fast one on Yan. Who knows, she even photostated the books and just waiting Yan to take it back.

So Mark told Yan that she must confront her and ask for her money back. I mean, the bitch is planning to buy new car, why wouldn't she have this minuet RM200 to pay for the books.

Later, Yan did went to confront her. Guess what, she said why Yan is being so bitchy about the situation, she will pay her in two days time so stop bitching about it. After that at noon time, the husband actually come to help out the wife! He shouted at Yan why she bullied his wife. Glory another guy of the same class, was fortunate enough to be there for Yan and told the husband off. Yan then told the husband and the indian bitch don't they dare to come bully her since she does know quite some close friends whom are thugs.

Now is already two weeks after the inccident. And you can guess that the woman still hasn't pay it up yet.

Some Indian B*tch She Is! (Part 2)

Talk about this Indian bitch again.

Her lovey durvy husband always would come and join her for lunch at the college. Then both of them will start boasting away on their recent great plans. Apparently she and the husband has decided that they will sell the Kancil and the newly bought Waja, so they will be able to buy a Hyundai Getz.


What is the logic to that? From two cars become one car? Not long after that she starts to ask around who drive pass the Federal Highway everyday, again no one really bothers to answer. Mark who stays at OUG, pass by the highway from Stamford at 222, just denied it straight when he was being asked.

This woman is really one thick skin person. She seemed to have forgotten the fact that everyone was pissed because of the class on friday. So just went asking and asking.

It was later found that, when they sell both cars in exchange of only one car, the husband might not be able to send her to school everyday. That is the reason why she is asking for a lift from her "friends".

Some Indian B*tch She Is! (Part 1)

Okay, this story is nothing to do with me anyway. Just thought of sharing it, since it is strange that this world, there do exist these sort of people.

Not sure what her name is, but this ex-teacher, whom is a very "devoted" indian is Mark's this semester's classmate, err... coursemate. Mark already sensed that there is something wrong with this woman at the first time meeting her. I mean, who would ask questions like "Who does the housework in your house" when meeting the first time???

She always express her strong loyalty to her Indian husband, and thinks greatly of her contribution to this union (such as cooking lah, washing clothes lah). No one really bothers, I can tell you that.

Anyway, apparently this semester everyone gets a friday off. Without notice, all of them were told they have to come back for one class at 8.30am on Friday morning. Everyone was puzzled on what really happen. So, Mark and others approached the lecturer of that subject then found that the Indian bitch has "represented" all of them to ask for a time change for that subject. After all, even the lecturer herself prefered to teach that class on other days instead of Friday.

Someone then asked her why did she do that? She blurred by saying that she is very busy on Thursday afternoon, as she got some tution class to teach! How do you beat that eh. Besides, she said most of the students she talked to before that, agrees that Friday is a better day.

I ca tell you that really got on to Mark. He challenged her that they go see each students and see if that is the case. One by one, they spoke to, think that they rather have the class another day than Friday. Finally Mark teased her by asking "Do you want to ask more people?", and she kept Quiet.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

At the Esplanade

I took my customers from UiTM for a walk while we were in Singapore yesterday. We walked from the CITY HALL MRT station, then joined at the Citylink Mall, walk and walk, then branched out on the left to the Esplanade.

We walked up from the underground, and then strolled to the bridge that linked the Esplanade and Merlion statue. I was feeling a bit sweaty, then told the two girls to run down there and take a picture with the Merlion.

Sitting by the padestrian walkway on the bridge, it suddently reminded me of my very first time walking along this bridge. It was Mark, whom I have just met that time. We walked the same path too. The Fullerton hotel was then so beautiful, brightly lit behind, accompanied by the ever blooming bougainvillas.

We just walk and walk, and he held my hands, life was romantic with that blurness around me.

Then, I remembered that the times when Mark has been away in UK after that. On how much I have missed him. I also remembered sometimes I weeped, while sometimes I pretended that everything's alright.

And then, how glad am now to watch this man I love fast asleep on the couch in front of me, snoring away. He is definately not going anywhere without me anymore.

Jottings from Changi Airport

Hi, just thought I would write a little something while waiting for my flight back in KL in about 10 minutes time. Been here since 12.30pm, luckily there are these internet kiosks all around (15 mins limit per person), so I am allow to find out what's back in KL these few days. There are tables with for those who wants to use the wireless internet using their lap top too. Kinda ultra modern like huh.

Wonder when it will be like for KLIA. After all, internet is no longer expensive. Erm, perhaps the router is? I am not sure.

Okie, gtg, will write again when I am back in KL.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Arriving Kuching At Nite

It is dark, seen from the aircraft window when the plane was circling upon Kuching. There is this brightly lit long road that reminds me that modenisation is here. Don't frame me being a snob from KL, but this is my first time here in Kuching and I know nothing about this place at this point.

Touching down at airport, the place was in a major renovation even at night. I met up with the local dealer and hopped onto his brand new civic, begining my journey into this strange town call Kuching.

It is just 8.00pm, but I am already feeling the streets are as quiet as 11pm on the LDP highway. As I cruise along, this place reminds of one one thing - Penang!

Yes, the buildings style, the road sistem, ever well trimmed shrubs along the road, except that it in a much slower pace here.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Takut nye, early morning to work

What is more scary when getting to work early in the morning than having to know you gonna be late, but your oil signal is blinking, and you know there's a jam awaiting for you ahead.


cold sweat man, perhaps next time I should pump petrol each time the signal falls below half.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Dying Is - Blog Recommendation

I had a lot of stuffs that I wanted to blog. Was wanting to talk about some of the potential guys that I have been with a weird stuffs they did during our time together, was also wanting to talk about this ex-colleague with her exceptional views about relationship. But for now I guess I just want to share with you this strange yet saddening blog.

It is about this woman that learn she was slowly dying from a rare cancer, and things that were slowly eating her life away, the strange feelings she has. A very short blog actually, and she passed away not long after that. As I read it, it gives a feeling that life is so vulnerable, not able to withstand the slightest impact on to it at all. While we are fightings among ourselves, feeling hatred, angry with our beloved ones, she actually had enjoy her lifetime, even though it was a short one. Her life is like a flower, blooming so beautifully but it was just for short time.