Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Arriving Kuching At Nite

It is dark, seen from the aircraft window when the plane was circling upon Kuching. There is this brightly lit long road that reminds me that modenisation is here. Don't frame me being a snob from KL, but this is my first time here in Kuching and I know nothing about this place at this point.

Touching down at airport, the place was in a major renovation even at night. I met up with the local dealer and hopped onto his brand new civic, begining my journey into this strange town call Kuching.

It is just 8.00pm, but I am already feeling the streets are as quiet as 11pm on the LDP highway. As I cruise along, this place reminds of one one thing - Penang!

Yes, the buildings style, the road sistem, ever well trimmed shrubs along the road, except that it in a much slower pace here.

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